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August 2, 2018

Follow all rules in delivery of houses, developers urged

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Housing developers and relevant authorities in Sarawak should be strict with the provision and rules in the delivery of houses to purchasers.

In making the call, Local Government and Housing Minister’s special officer Voon Shiak Ni said this is because safety of house owners is of the core concern of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

“Our office has been approached by house purchasers that the houses in which they live in do not have Occupation Permit (OP). There are also cases where purchasers were asked to take keys to their new house when OP was yet to be issued,” Voon, who is also PKR Women national vice president, said in a press conference yesterday.

Voon said she viewed this issue as of pertinent importance as it is about the safety of house occupants.

“Every house owner wants the house that they have bought to be safe to live in. It is therefore crucial that the construction and building of houses must adhere to and follow all safety requirements and codes.”

According to her, a house is only deemed completed and fit for occupation with issuance of OP, which is a certification of fitness for occupation.

“House purchasers need to be aware of the repercussions of staying in a house without OP. If anything happens to the house like fire, they cannot claim insurance.

“And it may affect the sub-sale of the said houses too as applications for housing loans may not be approved without OP being issued.”

Source : The Borneo Post Online by  Jonathan Chia


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  1. Was Najib UMNO’s treasurer? So much money flying around and all meant for UMNO/ UMNO expenditures and all going into N’s accounts and all the said payments made by Najib, and during all this shebang, where is the UMNO treasurer? We haven’t heard a beep from him (or anybody else in UMNO) confirming these payments and receipts. Didn’t anyone in UMNO know/ or was keen to know/ or questioned the amount of money that was flying around?And now Nazri wants to court Anwar looking to the future for a potential UMNO/PKR alliance and making no bones about it, disregarding the fact that PH has other partners, ignoring them in his obsequious openness…

    Comment by Bikin Panas — September 14, 2018 @ 9:16 AM | Reply

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