Hornbill Unleashed

October 24, 2011

Protect animal rights please

Sim Kwang Yang

MY friend Otto, who is a resident of Lundu, was very upset by the death of his dog Caesar. Otto suspected that the dog was poisoned by somebody from his neighbouring village, for a man was seen leaving that area soon after the incident.

We all wondered who would be so vicious as to kill a lovely, innocent dog out of spite. The fact of the matter is, there are animal haters among us who love to torture animals that have trusted us to look after them.

The story between man and his pet is as old as the story of human civilisation itself. Since time immemorial, the bond between a man and his pet has always been the stuff of legends. It is hard to understand how some human beings could mistreat animals, and yet we hear stories of the cruelty of man towards animals once in a while. (more…)

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