Hornbill Unleashed

February 9, 2013

BN’s Baram Crisis !

Sarawak Report

Tamper with our river at your peril Taib! – Demonstrators against the dam during last weeks ‘Baram Wave’

At the last Federal Election Taib did not bother to visit Baram.

To him it was just a source of timber which he could exploit, handing vast logging concessions to his crony companies like Samling and to politicians he needed to control, while leaving the people destitute.

One such politician was Jacob Sagan, the local MP and Federal Deputy Trade & Industry Minister.

Jacob has been Taib’s obedient henchman representing the Baram seat for three elections under SPDP and he has proved willing to betray his people to serve his master on every occasion. (more…)

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