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November 2, 2013

RM618 mil SEB contracts to Taib’s son irks BMF

Winston Way

Swiss based Bruno Manser Fund claims the Sarawak Energy Berhad CEO has ‘lost his credibility’ and is ruining Norway’s reputation.

Sarawak Energy Berhad’s chief executive officer Torstein Dale Sjotveit has made himself a “tool of the Taib Mahmud family’s unrestrained greed and corruption”, claims Swiss NGO,  the Bruno Manser Fund (BMF).

Expressing its shock at the latest disclosure that SEB had awarded Sarawak Cable two new contracts worth RM618 million contract, BMF said the “act has passed all levels of decency”.

Sarawak Cable is helmed by Chief Minister Taib’s eldest son Mahmud Abu Bekir. (more…)

September 24, 2012

Kit Siang: Is Najib telling MACC to hands off Taib?


DAP has asked if Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s call not to entertain allegations about  Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud’s alleged billions in wealth was a signal to enforcement agencies not to probe or question the matter.

“I have no doubt that without Najib’s pre-emptive strike today, the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) would have taken the completely neutral but meaningless stand that it was prepared to investigate into the BMF report about Taib and his family’s gargantuan wealth and asset accumulated from 31 years of Taib’s chief ministership of Sarawak.

“But with the stern signal from Najib today, would MACC dare to initiate investigations into Taib … and would there be any BN MP who would dare to endorse or support a full MACC investigation into the BMF report?” asked Lim in a statement today. (more…)

September 21, 2012

Freeze Taib’s accounts, govts told

FMT Staff

A Swiss NGO has lumped Taib Mahmud together with ‘money launderers’ Indonesian president Suharto and Philippines’ Marcos.

Swiss NGO, Bruno Manser Fund (BMF), has reiterated its call for governments and banks around the globe to freeze the assets of Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and his family.

It has also called on anti-corruption and anti-money-laundering authorities worldwide to investigate the Taib family’s business activities.

In a statement issued in conjunction with the release of its report ‘The Taib Timber Mafia. Facts and Figures on Politically Exposed Persons from Sarawak, Malaysia’ in Brussels, Belgium earlier today, BMF said the Taibs could be compared to Indonesia’s president Suharto and president Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines. (more…)

March 16, 2012

6,000 Swiss sign anti-dam petition

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Joseph Tawie

Malaysia and Swiss activists protested outside the UN office in Geneva against Sarawak’s plan to build 12 hydro-electric dams.

Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian has thrown his support behind a global effort by environmental activists from Switzerland and Malaysia to protest to the United Nations against the Sarawak government’s plans to construct 12 hydro-electric dams.

Bian, who is the Ba’Kelalan assemblyman, was responding to the efforts of activists to handover a petition bearing 6,000 signatures to the Malaysian representative to the United Nations. The petition called for a halt to the dam plans.

Thanking the Swiss people for their support, Bian said: “We give 100% support to the efforts of both the international environmental activists and their Malaysian counter-parts to pressure the state government of Sarawak and Malaysia to halt the dam construction. (more…)

August 24, 2009

Road-blocking Penan communities fear imminent police action

Road-blocking Penan communities fear imminent police action


Communities protesting against planned oil palm and acacia plantations on their native lands

Penan BlockadeLONG BANGAN / LONG NEN / LONG BELOK, Sarawak / Malaysia. Three indigenous Penan communities in the rainforests of Borneo are fearing police action on account of their protest against oil palm and acacia plantation projects on their native lands.

Last Thursday, 20 August, Penan of Long Nen, Long Bangan and Long Belok in Sarawak’s Tutoh river region set up manned road blockades to prevent vehicles from a number of logging and plantation companies from entering their native lands.

According to Penan sources, four policemen visited the blockades on Sunday and announced that they would come back with more of their colleagues to dismantle them. The blockades are mainly directed against Pusaka KTS and Samling, two controversial Malaysian logging and plantation giants. (more…)

April 28, 2009

Release report on rape of Penan women now



By Apang, Zhang M. L. & Voon

The story started …

f_02mindy1The Penan and other indigenous peoples of Sarawak have been struggling publicly for land rights over two decades now. Without these rights being respected and protected, communities have either lost or continue to lose their lands to timber companies, mono-crop plantations and other supposed development projects.

Along with such model of development come workers, from outside mostly, who suddenly live nearby the indigenous communities. With mostly male workers, it wasn’t long that rape and sexual abuses occurred.

The first known case was a document by a NGO Fact-Finding mission which began in 1995 and followed up in 1996. The final report, published in 2000, and accessible online at documented, among others, the rape of a minor Penan girl in Long Mobui in Upper Baram River in the Miri Division. Two police reports were subsequently lodged. However, there is no known follow-up action from the police to date.

The latest cases that came to light was when the Switzerland-based NGO, the Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) broke the news in early October 2008. When the mainstream Malaysian media published the story with details after a visit to several Middle Baram Penan communities, the nation was awakened to the rape and sexual abuse of vulnerable Penan girls. (more…)

March 31, 2009

Shifting Blame – Afraid Jabu’s Fear

By John Riwang <johnriwang@hotmail.com>

There was a time late last year when The Borneo Post Online decided to be on hiatus. The message “Our website is currently being upgraded. We apologize for the inconvenience” became its standard headline for over a month.

Because of their downgraded professionalism that desperately needed to be upgraded, a penniless boy like me had to spend my precious RM1 to buy the ‘hard copy’ version of the Borneo Post. What a pity. ‘A pity’ not because I was not able to gain valuable information from the local paper – that’s because it doesn’t have any. Rather I was deprived of my daily doses of laughter from reading the foolish statements made by our politicians.

But worry no longer, (more…)

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