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August 27, 2012

IMPACT OF BN’S ‘DEVIL’ POLITICS: M’sia most bankruptcies, S’pore world’s richest!

IMPACT OF BN'S 'DEVIL' POLITICS: M'sia most bankruptcies, S'pore world's richest!

Christopher Fernandez

About fifty years ago, the tiny island-state of Singapore was part and parcel of Malaysia, but has over the years emerged as a country with a per capita Gross Domestic Product of US$56,532 (RM175, 250) as of 2010, which measured by their purchasing power parity, has beaten Norway, the United States and Hong Kong to make Singaporeans the richest people on earth.

This “transformation” or “reformation” in Singapore from a squalid backwater compares in contrast with a 55-year mandate exclusively given to Barisan Nasional to develop Malaysia over a longer period with the nation nowhere being near to even be considered for developed status. (more…)


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