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December 30, 2013

It’s about time we free the press

Bob Teoh

The increasing clampdown on newspapers calls for a rethink on how we run newspapers. Our role is to inform readers on matters that matter to them. How else can we hope to have a nation of thinking citizens who make decisions on an informed basis? I say it’s time to free the press; not by piecemeal efforts but by a bold initiative.

The naysayers say it can’t be done. Why not? Our neighbours, the Philippines and Indonesia, did it with the stroke of the pen following the fall of Marcos and Suharto. Some say this is because freedom is in their blood. Please don’t tell me we don’t have this rare blood type. (more…)

May 30, 2012

A new regime of media control taking shape

Gobind Rudra

Malaysian government plans for a media council – to enforce by law journalists’ compliance with a code of ethics – have moved ahead with a second round of discussions yesterday between editors and journalists and the attorney-general (AG) and his team.

The government’s moves are described as part of “reforms” in the name of press freedom, following on from the prime minister’s announcement in September to end annual newspaper licences.

In April, amendments to the Printing Press and Publications Act (PPPA) replaced annual licences with a one-off licence good until cancelled, and slightly curbed the home minister’s powers over the press, opening his decisions to challenge in court. (more…)

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