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February 7, 2013

Taib Turns King Coal

Sarawak Report

‘Sustainability Champion’ dam-builder Torstein is now backing King Coal.

Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s Norwegian side-kick, Torstein Dale Sjotveit, is clearly worth every penny of his $4million plus salary each year.

As the CEO of Sarawak Energy, he has proved happy to support and promote every plan the Chief Minister puts forward, even when it involves pouring public money into Taib’s own family companies (which all Taib’s plans invariably do).

The latest move is to open up Sarawak’s coal reserves with the view of selling them off as fast as possible, doubtless to big consumers like China and India. (more…)

December 13, 2012

Top Australian Paper Details Taib’s Greed!

Sarawak Report

Cartoonist Zunar offers his latest take on Taib exclusively for Sarawak Report!

The growing international understanding of Taib’s style of corrupted and kleptocratic (thieving) government is reflected in an opinion piece published this week by Australia’s Canberra Times.

The article criticises the “destruction of the Borneo Rainforests” and Taib’s “Great Leap Forward” plans for 12 mega-dams: (more…)

December 11, 2012

Hydro Tasmania pullout: SEB contradicts Taib’s statement

Joseph Tawie

According to Sarawak PKR, Taib Mahmud had indicated during the State Legislative Assembly sitting that Hydro Tasmania was “signed on for the long haul”.

Sarawak Energy Berhad’s (SEB) recent assertion that Hydro Tasmania’s phased withdrawal from Sarawak’s dam project was “pre-planned” contradicts Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s exasperated outburst during the last State Legislative Assembly sitting.

According to Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian, Taib’s “unscripted comment” at the sitting indicated that Hydro Tasmania had been contracted for the long haul and not as suggested by SEB. (more…)

December 9, 2012

SEB: Hydro Tasmania’s exit was pre-planned

FMT Staff

Taib Mahmud-linked Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) claims Hydro Tasmania was “frustrated” with the factual inaccuracies flogged by its critics.

A bristling Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) claims that Hydro Tasmania was not “pulling out of Sarawak” and that their exit was “planned from the beginning”.

“This phased reduction has been planned from the beginning. It has not been influenced in any way by the regrettable misinformation campaign by foreign detractors,” SEB said alluding to a national level campaign launched in Australia two weeks ago to compel Australian government-owned Hydro Tasmania to withdraw its participation in the controversial development of dams in Sarawak. (more…)

December 7, 2012

Next target is Sjotveit, Norconsult

FMT Staff

Why is a reputed Norwegian hydropower company, Norconsult supporting violations in Sarawak’s mega dams project?

With Hydro Tasmania succumbing to public pressure and committed to phasing itself out of Sarawak following a damning national-level Australian campaign launched last week over its involvement in the Murum dam project and the ill treatment of native communities here, focus is now on Sarawak Energy Berhad’s (SEB) Norwegian chief executive officer Torstein Dale Sjotveit and Norconsult, another key player in the project.

Save River network, a coalition of Sarawak NGOs, and the Swiss-based Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) want Sjotveit and Norconsult out of Sarawak for the same reason they pushed for Hydro Tasmania’s pullout. (more…)

December 5, 2012

Pulling Out! – Hydro Tasmania Is To QUIT Sarawak

Sarawak Report

Capitulation – Roy Adair, Hydro Tasmania CEO confirmed the company’s “diminishing role” in Sarawak on Monday

Sarawak Report has learnt that campaigners can claim victory after statements yesterday by Hydro Tasmania boss, Roy Adair, pledging that the company is withdrawing from its guiding role over Taib’s mega-dam projects.

Adair, who had till recently enthused over Hydro Tasmania’s partnership with Sarawak Energy’s programme of up to 50 dams to power Taib’s ambitious ‘industrialisation’ project (SCORE), made clear there will be no more staff from the company involved in the project beyond the end of 2013. (more…)

Living Like “Tarzan”, “Poachers” And “Cavemen”! – SEB Man’s Outburst Against Sarawak Natives

Sarawak Report

Idris Buang – foot-in-mouth spokesperson for SEB

Freedom of information requests in Australia have recently brought to light the full, unedited interview of SEB Board Member and spokesman, Idris Buang, by the TV programme Dateline, about Sarawak’s mega-dam plans.

And his arrogant and incautious remarks, which disparage the native way of life of many of Sarawak’s indigenous tribes, have brought gasps of amazement and outrage.

Among a series of slurs, he says on behalf of SEB: (more…)

December 2, 2012

Sarawak NGO wants Australian firm out of dam projects

Save Rivers

In the last leg of its Australian anti-dam campaign tour, NGO Save Sarawak’s Rivers Network (Save Rivers) is set to meet with energy company Hydro Tasmania tomorrow to seek full disclosure of the latter’s involvement in Sarawak mega-dam projects.

Save Rivers chairperson Peter Kallang and Baram village head James Nyurang are among the group who will meet with Hydro Tasmania chief executive officer Roy Adair, in Launceston, Tasmania in a scheduled hour-long meeting, where the group is expected to seek a commitment from Hydro Tasmania to withdraw its staff currently in Sarawak. (more…)

October 10, 2012

Stop Lying – We Are Still Here!

Sarawak Report

We are still here – the Penan are demanding a proper settlement with signatures.

Penan blockaders, who have brought construction on the Murum Dam to a standstill over the past ten days, have reacted with outrage at the news that their assemblyman, BN’s Liwan Lagang, has been telling the media that a settlement has been reached.

In response they have instead tightened and extended the blockade to another approach road to the dam.

Our reporter in the area has informed us that the blockade is now manned by all the Penan Chiefs from the nine villages due to be affected by the flooding from the dam and they have refuted Lagang’s report of a settlement as a total falsehood: (more…)

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