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March 9, 2013

At edge of a cliff

Lim Sue Goan

The security forces have finally launched attacks on the Sulu gunmen in Sabah. After eight police officers were killed, exterminating them seems to be the only option. There should not be other considerations as we have to safeguard the country’s security and dignity.

The people, as well as the ruling and alternative coalitions, must put aside political controversies and disagreements to back and motivate the security forces.

It is unfortunate that the intrusion of the Sulu gunmen has turned into a deadly standoff. From a positive point of view, however, if the standoff is ended and encourages the government to develop a firm security policy in Sabah after recognising the fact that the security in Sabah has been at the edge of cliff, it can help prevent Sabah from falling into greater trouble. (more…)

March 8, 2013


Conrado de Quiros

AP reported it objectively, telling it from both sides. “In Manila, Jamalul Kiram III told reporters that he was worried the violence in Sabah might spread because many Filipinos are upset by the killing of their compatriots in Lahad Datu. His daughter, Jacel, who is a sultanate princess, stressed the sultanate would never back down from its struggle to reclaim Sabah. ‘This concerns honor above life’.”

But it also left little doubt about where the reader’s sympathies are expected to lie. “Gunmen ambushed and killed six Malaysian policemen as fears mounted that armed intruders from the southern Philippines had slipped into at least three coastal districts on Borneo island. Two of the attackers were also fatally shot Saturday night, while another was beaten to death by angry villagers…. Concerns have grown that other groups from the Philippines’ restive southern provinces

might enter Sabah….” (more…)

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