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November 18, 2013

Mahathir’s outdated vision

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Josh Hong

Mahathir Mohamad still does not get it. After 30 years of investment and haemorrhaging money, to the detriment of the general public, he still believes propping up the so-called national auto industry is the way forward.

When he launched the Look East Policy with the aim of emulating from Japan and, to a lesser extent, South Korea, on heavy industries, Mahathir had hoped he could transform Malaysia into a developed nation within his stint as prime minister. He knew that time was running against him, for he was already past his mid fifties when he ascended to the highest office in the country. (more…)


September 12, 2013

Japan’s demand the cause of Sarawak deforestation


Japan’s relentless imports of Sarawak timber, valued at RM2.6 billion a year, and questionable logging practices of the state may soon deplete it of forest, says a special report released today by Global Witness.

Over the last two decades, Japan has consumed about one-third of all timber products exported by Sarawak, and this trade today represents the single largest bilateral flow of tropical timber, Global Witness said.

“The fact that so much timber from Sarawak receives a stamp of approval from Japan’s Goho-wood legality verification system, despite the evidence of systematic illegal logging by major logging companies (in Sarawak), is cause for serious concern,” the head of international forest policy at Global Witness, Rick Jacobsen, said in a press statement. (more…)

June 26, 2013

Australia Buys Out Taib-Linked Logging Contract To Save Its Forests

Sarawak Report

Message that has finally started to get through – but Ta Ann is still logging in Tasmania

In a surprise development the Taib family company Ta Ann has accepted a multi-million pound settlement from the Australian Government, in order to give up major timber supplies in the state of Tasmania.

The move is a stunning vindication for environmental campaigners in the state, who have suffered vilification and arrests for protesting against the logging in Tasmania’s high conservation value forest areas.

However, it has highlighted serious questions as to why the Sarawak company was ever allowed such permits in the first place and why, despite the payment, Ta Ann is still being allowed to source wood from Tasmania’s threatened forests? (more…)

January 6, 2013

‘Disappearing’ compensation: ARE YOU SO GREEDY, DR M, HAVE YOU NO CONSCIENCE?


IS DR MAHATHIR Mohamad going to take the same “silence is golden” stand as Najib Abdul Razak and his infamous diamond-loving wife Rosmah Mansor when cornered by an issue?

The revelation by the Embassy of Japan that it had paid compensation to the Malaysian government for families of victims of the so called “Death Railway” project in the 1940s is shocking.

Why the ‘selective’ silence, Dr M?

The sum of RM207 billion or whatever the amount must be revealed by Mahathir. (more…)

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