Hornbill Unleashed

October 24, 2011

Two-thirds Majority

Hakim Joe

When Malaysians gave total control to the Alliance Party by voting in 51 parliamentarians out of a total of 52 contested seats (98%) in 1955, and 74 parliamentarians out of a total of 104 contested seats (71%) in 1959, they are in reality placing their immediate future and the future of their kids and grandchildren in the hands of the politicians.

The Malay-dominated ruling elite then proceeded to use this unprecedented majority in Parliament to elaborately construct an electoral system that practically guaranteed that it could never be removed from power, ever. Additionally, they instituted a wide range of political controls and passed an assortment of laws that restricted interference, criticism and opposition from any single individual or group within Malaysia.

So when BN leaders and former leaders tell you that Malaysia is overtaken by minorities’ interests, they are telling a blatant lie. No Non-Bumiputera can ever aspire to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia no matter how suitable or appropriate he or she is for the job or even if 100 percent of Malaysian voters voted him in. The Malaysian Constitution forbids it and that is what I meant by political controls. (more…)

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