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November 12, 2013

Torstein Should Apologise To Penan!

Torstein Should Apologise To Penan!

Sarawak Report

On November 7th, the Norwegian head of Sarawak Energy took great care to make his accusations against the Penan tribespeople at the Murum Dam blockade as public as possible, by insisting on broadcasting them in full on our site.

In an email to the Swiss NGO BMF, which he copied into our comments section, he claimed that these families had been extorting money from members of the public, by setting up a toll on the public road. (more…)

October 3, 2013

Foreign Troublemaker Causes Anguish In Murum

Sarawak Report

Native people of Murum say they are being bothered by a foreign troublemaker and have lodged a police report against him.

Torstein Dale Sjotveit is a Norwegian, who yesterday caused complaints after shouting in the faces of Penan indigenous people, whom he is ejecting from their ancient homelands.

It is also alleged that he berated the police, calling them ‘cowards‘ for not taking harsher action against the protesting natives. (more…)

September 17, 2013

Stop Humiliating The Poor!

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Sarawak Report

Kiss my hand – Assistant Minister for Islamic Affairs acts bountiful as he poses for the shot

Leading politicians in Sarawak seem addicted to showing off how kind they are by handing out money and cheques to the poor and downtrodden in society.

Scarcely a day goes by when newspapers do not feature a “very poor person” receiving this ‘benevolence’ from smug and very wealthy individuals, who want the world to see how ‘generous’ they are.

Sarawak Report wishes to protest that it is absolutely wrong and most sinful to parade the poor in this disgusting fashion. (more…)

April 10, 2013

“Princess” Jamilah! – More On The Taib Royal Family

“Princess” Jamilah! – More On The Taib Royal FamilySarawak Report

Furs and diamonds – do they make a Princess?

Sarawak Report can reveal that Taib’s eldest daughter, Jamilah, was dubbed “Princess Jamilah” while still at college in Canada, on account of her fabulous wealth.

Fellow students at the Ottawa’s Carlton University were so amazed at the teenager’s conspicuous wealth, her designer outfits and grand accommodation, that they jokingly gave her the royal title.

The disclosure, which was made to Sarawak Report by former student contemporaries of Jamilah, adds to the Taib family pretensions to royalty that just won’t go away.

April 9, 2013

Independent radio stations hit on all fronts ahead of GE13

Nigel Aw

London-based Radio Free Sarawak and Radio Free Malaysia have been jammed and their online portals inaccessible after being heavily hit by distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks.

“There have also been attempts at broadcast interference on both radio stations by jamming from different parts of the world over the past few days.

“These have had limited success so far and we have been working on tracing the perpetrators,” the founder of the stations, Clare Rewcastle-Brown, said when contacted. (more…)

April 8, 2013

Cyber Mania And Radio Jamming – BN Falls Back On Cheating!

Sarawak Report

Dangerous for the ears!

BN have effectively acknowledged that they have to cheat in this election and cannot afford the opposition view point to be heard by voters.

Over the weekend they have spent large sums of public money launching full-scale attacks on Radio Free Malaysia and Radio Free Sarawak.

They have both attempted to jam their broadcasts and tried to knock out their online websites, with limited success so far. (more…)

February 2, 2013

Billions ‘Squeezed From Foreign Workers’ For BN’s Election War Chest !

Sarawak Report

Rounded up and told to pay cash for work permits – the sudden amnesty was announced with one month’s notice as election talk started in 2011

Many people feared at the time that the so-called 6P Malaysia programme was some kind of voter registration exercise, along the lines of the notoriousProject IC in Sabah.

Touted as a sudden amnesty by the BN government for illegal foreign workers, the programme (which lasted from July 2011-April 2012) allowed the immigrants to declare themselves and pay a fee for an official permit to stay on for two years.

However, Sarawak Report has learnt through agents hired to process the permits that the main purpose of the exercise was to raise funds for BN’s election war chest. (more…)

November 4, 2012

Monster Gift! – Michael Chia Handed Huge Hummer To Son Of ‘Friend’ Nazri Abdul Aziz

Sarawak Report

Member of Mohammed Nedim’s protection team and the half million ringgit status symbol, Hummer H2, that has ended up in the hands of the Nazri family, but which is still registered under the name of its purchaser, Michael Chia!

This big black beast of a car is an American Hummer 2 SUV, one of the most expensive vehicles in the world, costing around half a million ringgit on the Malaysian market.

For well over a year one of these models, registration number WNX9776, has been driven around KL by Mohamad Nedim Nazri, the son of a key Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz. (more…)

September 29, 2012

GENOCIDE ! – Murum’s Secret “Resettlement Action Plan” Revealed

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Sarawak Energy – keep off our lands! The desperation of the Penan people who have lost their hunting grounds and are starving

We can disclose that shocking revelations from a leaked report are what lie behind the massive road block at the Murum Dam site, where scores of lorries have been brought to a grinding halt by Penan tribespeople.

The impoverished hunter-gatherers mounted the desperate protest in response to learning key details of the resettlement and compensation plans, drawn up by the Government for when their homes are soon flooded by rising waters. (more…)

September 6, 2012

Absence Of Leadership – YB Snowdan Lawan Dared Not Face Melikin Protestors!

Sarawak Report

Windows closed shut, air-con on, Lawan ignores his outraged voters as he speeds off from Serian

With his constituents in revolt over the theft of their lands and destruction of their bridge by loggers, State Assemblyman Snowdan Lawan made an obligatory visit to Balai Ringen yesterday.

But, he then hid in the police station and refused to come out and speak to the protestors outside!

“There were at least 200 people waiting to hear what he had to say about this company United Teamtrade, which has been causing all this trouble” said one onlooker, “but he just kept them waiting in the hot sun outside the police station, while he enjoyed coffee in the air-conditioned room inside”. (more…)

August 7, 2012

Planning Robbery – Some Answers To The Mystery Of Awang Tengah’s Vast Wealth

Sarawak Report

How did Tengah afford this on a few thousand ringgit a month?

Yet another ministerial mansion has sprouted up in Kuching and it tells us all we need to know about the corruption of the state.

The proud owner is Awang Tengah, the Second Minister for Planning in Sarawak (Taib is, of course, the First Minister for Planning) and after a year of construction Tengah has just moved in.

Locals in the surrounding district of Petra Jaya have been left wondering how it is that a state minister, who receives approximately RM17,000 a month, has been able to possibly afford such an enormous construction? (more…)

July 13, 2012

Mystery Of Masing’s Million Ringgit Mansion

Sarawak Report

Profits of office? James Masing is just one of the BN YBs with unexplained wealth

The huge homes belonging to Taib Mahmud’s political allies is one of the unanswered and glaring issues in Sarawak.

How come so many ministers and YBs, who started on their political careers with no wealth at all, have ended up living in such style, when the salaries for public office are quite rightly modest?

There is no ban on a rich man seeking election. However, no one should exploit their political position to make themselves rich.  It is this form of corruption that has destroyed Sarawak.

Masing, who is the Iban leader of the PRS political party, a key constituent of Taib’s BN coalition representing UMNO’s control of the state, is by no means the only example of these flash homeowners. (more…)

July 9, 2012

What Justice For The Victims Of Timber Gangs In Sarawak?

Sarawak Report

Minggat Anak Nyakin – beaten and strangled by gangsters last year

Fear of gangsters is widespread in Sarawak and with good reason.  These are the operators outside the law who enforce the greedy land grabs and logging concessions handed out by Taib to his cronies.

By using gangsters, Taib and his business partners avoid being directly implicated and can pretend to have nothing to do with illegal methods.

However, the police know better.  They stand aside and turn a blind eye to the thugs, because they know who they really work for and it is not for the poor natives whose lands and livelihoods are being taken away. (more…)

June 12, 2012

Nailed! Musa’s Lies Are Countered By Swiss UBS Bank In Court Evidence!

Sarawak Report

End of Sabah’s Vampire Bat?

Sabah Chief Minister, Musa Aman, branded Sarawak Report maliciously motivated liars and implied we were master forgers, after we revealed financial documents showing that his nominee, Michael Chia, had laundered nearly a hundred million US dollars of timber kickbacks on his behalf.

However, we now challenge him to name the Swiss bank UBS AG liars as well, because their submissions to a current court case in Singapore confirm our evidence! (more…)

May 20, 2012

What Is Damn Well Going On?! – Australian Greens Query Hydro-Tasmania’s Sarawak Projects

Sarawak Report

Hydro-Tasmania seem to have taken over as the leading experts backing Taib’s dam programme

The Green Party in Australia is demanding explanations from Hydro-Tasmania about what exactly its subsidiary Entura is up to in Sarawak?

Investigations by Sarawak Report have revealed that Entura, which acts as a consultancy arm of the publicly owned company, has become deeply involved in a whole range of projects linked to Taib’s plan to flood Sarawak with 12 new dams over the coming years. (more…)

April 8, 2012

Anifah Aman Named In MACC Investigation Into Sabah Timber Corruption

Sarawak Report

Malaysia’s Foreign Minister, Anifah Aman, is the Sabah Chief Minister’s brother.

According to Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) documents obtained by Sarawak Report, Malaysia’s Foreign Minister, Anifar Aman, has been the secret beneficiary of lucrative timber licences in Sabah’s dwindling Forest Reserves.

The concessions came thanks to his brother, the local Chief Minister, Musa Aman.

The documents form part of a major investigation by the MACC into timber corruption, after an agent and nominee for Musa Aman, Michael Chia, was caught attempting to smuggle SG$16million out of Hong Kong in 2008. (more…)

March 29, 2012

Masing: If we tell you to walk backwards, do it

Keruah Usit

When most Malaysian cabinet ministers open their mouths to talk, you might not expect much in the way of reasoned debate or intelligent conversation.

But James Masing, rejoicing under the stupendous title of Senior Minister (for land) in Abdul Taib Mahmud’s Sarawak cabinet, ought to be different.

He has a PhD in anthropology. He was once a dissident, a leading light in the opposition Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS). (more…)

February 12, 2012

BBC Apology Vindicates Sarawak Report, So What About Bakun?

Sarawak Report

BBC has accepted the investigation by Sarawak Report was true

BN mouthpieces, such as the Borneo Post, have been working hard to discredit the integrity of Sarawak Report and all our investigations, revealing the corruption behind the destruction of the Borneo Rainforest and its peoples.

They refer to mysterious “hidden agendas” and have quoted accusations that we are producing “baseless and mischievous” information resting on “dubious sources making several erroneous statements and allegations”. (more…)

October 13, 2011


. Sarawak Report

Not so subtle agenda – ‘Sarawak Reports’ has given up the fight

Taib Mahmud’s $5million dollar a year ‘Cyber-war Campaign’ has conceded a humiliating defeat, with the final demise of the site ‘Sarawak Reports’.

Sarawak Reports was part of a vicious network of internet sites, set up by the crooked UK-based production FBC Media, in a hired attempt to undermine this blog and to attack the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

By adopting a virtually identical name to our own FBC clearly hoped they could confuse web-surfers into reading their pro-Taib propaganda, instead of our research into Taib’s 30 years of corrupt government.

However, there is little evidence that readers were in fact fooled but this costly exercise.  The site never dared to publish the handful of comments it received for its stories, which were little more than dreary ‘puff pieces’ praising Taib’s ‘progress and development’ policies. (more…)

July 15, 2010


By Sarawak Report

One Shocking Report After Another

Sarawak’s PKR Leader Baru Bian has expressed his “utter disgust” at the extent of the foreign properties owned by the Chief Minister and his family, as revealed in a series of recent exposes by Sarawak Report. ”For us it has been shocking as we read one report after another”, he said.

The opposition leader also explained that the information, which has been kept hidden until now, has served to further highlight the “huge disparity” between the Chief Minister and ordinary people in Sarawak, who are amongst the poorest in Malaysia, despite the natural wealth of the state.


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