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March 25, 2013

Police: GE13 can be held despite Ops Daulat


The general election can still be held without fear of trouble despite the on-going Ops Daulat in the Tanjung Labian area near Lahad Datu, Deputy Inspector General of Polcie Datuk Seri Khalid Abu Bakar said today.

He said the public should not be unduly worried and the electoral process can continue if the general election is called anytime soon.

“There is no problem, the displaced villagers who have been placed in temporary shelters can still come out and vote,” he told reporters when asked if elections could be held in view of the security concerns in Lahad Datu and Semporna. (more…)

March 13, 2013

2 soldiers dead – one KIA, another from road mishap

Lee Long Hui

Meanwhile, it was announced late this evening that another soldier died and another injured from a road accident.A Malaysian soldier was killed in an exchange of fire between security forces and members of the self-styled ‘Sulu royal army’ at Sungai Nyamuk in Lahad Datu this morning.

Armed Forces chief Gen Zulkifeli Mohd Zain said the security forces accosted five intruders at 7.45am today when they were mopping up the area around Sungai Nyamuk, near Tanjung Batu. (more…)

March 12, 2013

Local Suluks: Don’t bring your war to us

Nigel Aw

As security forces battle against the Sulu intruders in Kampung Tanduo, some 15km away – deep within the Malaysian defences – another group of Suluks are gripped by fear and anxiety over their fate.

They are villagers from Kampung Batu-Batu, a mixed community of Suluk and Bajau who earned their living from fishing and farming.

While fears have been raised about the loyalty of local Suluks as their distant cousins mount an incursion on Sabah, the Suluk community here says their loyalty lies with the land they have lived off for the last 40 years, long before the Felda settlers came in. (more…)

March 11, 2013

Family puzzled over arrest of SB officer

FMT Staff

The worried family of Corporal Hassan Ali Basari, detained for being an alleged informant, want the police to either release him or charge him immediately.

The family of one of the security personnel accused of aiding the armed group of Filipinos and detained, Corporal Hassan Ali Basari claims he is being severely abused during interrogation and should be released.

They are concerned about his health and fear he is being denied medical attention.

The family also claimed that Hassan was forced to admit that he had conspired with the armed terrorists, and was being blamed for the deaths of the eight policemen, web news portal The Borneo Insider reported. (more…)

March 7, 2013

Security forces kill Sulu ‘general’, 31 others

Nigel Aw

Malaysian security forces killed 31 Sulu intruders yesterday including their ‘general’ in a firefight in Tanjung Batu last night, said inspector-general of police Ismail Omar.

“We received reports from the ground commander confirming that 31 enemies have been shot and believed killed…

“Of the 31, we believe we have also killed their leader who is ranked ‘general’,” he told a press conference in Sahabat Felda Residence, Lahad Datu.

There were no reports of casualties for Malaysian security forces in this round of engagements. (more…)

Safety and security of the people is now of the utmost importance

Hussaini Abdul Karim

In my mind, the Kampong Tanduo, Lahad Datu Sabah incident was just a ‘montage’ and the bigger picture is more about the fate of Sabah and its people.

The question that has been lingering on my mind since I first read the report about the intruders is: “Will it remain status quo or will there be a change?”

The Malaysian Armed Forces has finally demonstrated their prowess and using fighter jets, tanks and artillery they acted to end the standoff after almost two weeks. All the dead from both sides have all been respectfully buried and hopefully, the welfare of their immediate family members that they left behind are taken care of. Those injured are being treated and I hope all parties concerned have learned a valuable lesson from the tragedy. All efforts must now be taken to prevent a repeat of such a tragedy. (more…)

March 6, 2013

Four suspected militants arrested in Semporna

Lee Long Hui

Four men have been arrested in Semporna on suspicion of being militants, but there is as yet no information as to whether they have links to the self-styled Royal Sulu Army.

The arrest took place about noon at a house near the Sri Wangsa army camp at Jalan Lapangan Terbang,  about 3km from Semporna town.

According to a police officer, the operation was conducted by a strike team from the Sabah police headquarters after a tip-off was received.

The officer, who declined to be named, told journalists that the men are suspected to be illegal immigrants from the Philippines, and that one of them also had drugs in his possession. (more…)

March 5, 2013

Report: Total defeat for Sulu group in Sabah dawn attack


Villagers carry the body of a dead gunmen that was killed on Saturday for removal at Simunul village in Sabah’s Semporna district March 4, 2013. – Reuters picture

The armed Sulu intruders who had been in Sabah for over three weeks suffered a total defeat in an attack by the Malaysian army early this morning, the Star Online reported today, citing police sources.

“The Sulu armed group was totally routed by Malaysian security forces’ overwhelming firepower unleashed at 7am Tuesday (today), police sources said,” the news portal said.

No Malaysians were killed in the attack but the numbers of those who had died or were wounded among the Filipino militants was unknown, the Inspector-General of Police said at a 11.30am media briefing today, the news portal reported. (more…)

Worried over security crisis, but Sabahans warn against stereotyping Filipinos


File photo of police commandos on alert where the armed Filipino militants are holding up in a plantation outside Lahad Datu. — Reuters pic

While worried about their safety as armed foreigners roam the Sabah east coast, Sabahans have warned against stereotyping the thousands of Filipinos living in the Borneo state.

Followers of a claimant to the Sulu sultanate’s throne landed in Lahad Datu on February 9 to revive their claim to Sabah but clashes with police have left eight Malaysian policemen and 20 militants dead over the weekend. (more…)

Fleeing residents call Semporna a ‘nightmare’


Some residents in Semporna have decided to flee following the Saturday gunbattle in a nearby village which resulted in 12 deaths.

“Our peaceful town has become a nightmare to live in,” Julasri Yaakob, 38, told AFP as he heaved a bag full of clothes onto a lorry.

“We are moving out because these are uncertain times. We heard the gunshots. My children are afraid.”

Schools, stores and government offices were closed in the town but there was little sign of a security presence despite the recent shootout and fleeing population. (more…)

Why are our troops still on the defensive?

Hussaini Abdul Karim

Based on the reports and images as shown in our mainstream newspapers on the standoff between our troops and the armed Sulu group at Kampong Tanduo, many things seem to be wrong.

Firstly, while there are some members of the troops who were seen to be donning bullet-proof vests, none were wearing helmets. Some were seen wearing long-sleeved tee-shirts and standard ‘soft’ headgear, bandanas and some were not even wearing any headgear at all, especially the members of the VAT 69. Many were also seen not wearing bullet-proof vests.  This is most surprising and wrong.

We are not cowboys on horses fighting against Red Indians armed with arrows, spears and axes! (more…)

March 4, 2013

Did the police walk into a trap in Semporna?

Michael Kaung and Azman Habu

Inspector General of Police Ismail Omar says his men may have been lured in by decoys and fired upon as they entered the water village.

Police searching for a group of gunmen in Kampung Sri Jaya in the Simunul area in Semporna may have walked into a trap that was set for them.

According to sources, the gunmen appeared ready for the police raid and opened fire as the police were on the narrow single-plank walkways linking the various houses on stilts.

Six policemen, including an officer, and six unidentified gunmen were killed during the firefight that occurred around 7pm yesterday. (more…)

12 dead, including 6 cops, in Semporna firefight

Nigel Aw

The firefight at Kampung Sri Jaya Simunul in Semporna has resulted in a total of 12 dead, says inspector-general of police Ismail Omar.

The police suffered six casualties, up one from what was initially reported, he told a press conference at Felda Sabahat Residence, Lahad Datu tonight.

“After our operation ended at 7pm today. We found another body of our police officer, so the total is six,” he said.

Ismail added that police also discovered six other bodies whose identities could not be ascertained. (more…)

Filipinos claim to hold four M’sian hostages


According to Filipino media reports, Sulu Sultanate spokesperson Abraham Idjirani said that captured a Malaysian government official, two military officials and one police personnel.The Sulu Sultanate claim that Filipinos living in Sabah have captured four Malaysians in Semporna as hostages, but the police are unable to verify this claim.

According to Abraham, the capture was conducted by Filipinos living in Sabah in response to an alleged slaying of an imam and his four sons in Semporna.

Abraham stressed that the Sulu Sultanate was not involved in the capture but have advised those responsible to care for their captives and feed them. (more…)

Trouble brewing in Filipino-’powered’ Semporna?

Azman Habu

Unconfirmed reports of gunshots, explosions and warnings for people to avoid areas with large concentrations of Filipinos in Semporna, are making its rounds in Sabah’s east coast.

Police in Semporna, where thousands of Filipinos have made their home,  and in other districts along the east coast of Sabah are said to be on high alert following unconfirmed reports of an explosion in Semporna.

Local residents in the scenic seaside town are reporting a large police operation around Kg Sri Jaya after two explosions were heard. (more…)

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