Hornbill Unleashed

October 21, 2011

‘Why didn’t they operate if pregnancy was high risk?’

Joseph Tawie

The Sarawak Medical Department’s defence of its Miri Hospital raises more questions over treatment of Penan and rural folk.

The Sarawak Medical Department’s self-preserving response to the death of a Penan infant and the treatment meted out to the child’s mother Seri Yung at the Miri Hospital has irked opposition leader and the family’s lawyer, See Chee How.

“I am not impressed with his (medical director Dr Zulkifli Jantan) reply, as it appears that he is protecting his own staff.

“His reply to me and his statement to the press raises more questions than answers.

“He makes a lot of excuses, and I am not concerned with those excuses. I am more concerned with the way the Penan woman was treated. (more…)

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