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May 11, 2011

Malays don’t need Umno

Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz

A former Umno state assemblyman cites two areas which received ‘least attention’ to explain why Chinese will not vote for Barisan Nasional

Why would the Chinese give up their freedom to pursue their self-interest for ‘interferences’? The great advances achieved by the Chinese as a whole happened when there was least ‘interference’ from the government and its little and not so Little Napoleons.

Let me give you some examples. Every town and city in Malaysia displays the same characteristics. I am most familiar with my hometown, Kuantan and Kuala Lumpur. In Kuantan you have a section of town dominated by Chinese (Ayer Puteh) and in Kuala Lumpur you have (Old Klang Road). (more…)


May 24, 2010

BN loss in Sibu was a right royal mess

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By Pak Bui

Royals must remind themselves not to get involved in elections.

The BN government operates under a system of unconstitutional monarchy. PM Najib behaves like a feudal leader, offering inducements to his “subjects” as though he, and UMNO, own the national treasure and the crown jewels, even though the development funds he holds out as bait belong to the people.

He lets loose his palace guards, like the police  and the MACC,  against his own people. He channels racist poison to us, using his Attack Frog and Court Jester Ibrahim Ali, and Gertak. These bigots are bent on glorifying May 13 and using it as a perpetual threat against legitimate political dissent. (more…)

May 23, 2010

Reports against PM for ‘enticing’ voters

By Chris Reubens

PKR said it will lodge reports with the police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission  against the Prime Minister for  enticing  voters in Rejang Park to vote for the Barisan Nasional in the just-concluded Sibu parliamentary by-ele4ction.

Sarawak PKR chairman Baru Bian said PM Najib Abdul Razak had gone to the housing area  to tempt voters there with his speech of “you help me, I help you; let’s make a deal.”

Baru told reporters after chairing the PKR state liaison committee meeting here on Friday that the party, an ally of the DAP in the Pakatan Rakyat alliance, was  “disturbed” by the speech. (more…)

May 22, 2010

Surprising signals from Sibu

sibu by election polling day 160510By Bridget Welsh

The real measure of change among the electorate is how they mark the ballot paper.

This analysis explores how people voted in Sibu, drawing from the polling station results and local interviews. The results from the Sibu by-election point to major transformations in voting behavior in Sarawak.

They show swings among voters of all the different ethnic communities toward Pakatan and consistent youth disenchantment with the BN.

The results also reveal a crack in the rural-urban divide in Sarawak voting. Even the composition of the low voter turnout under close scrutiny points in Pakatan’s favour. (more…)

May 21, 2010

‘Sibu miracle’: Money doesn’t talk

NONEBy Wong Teck Chi and Joseph Sipalan

If Pakatan Rakyat’s currency during election campaigns is ideals, promise of good governance and accountability, then BN’s currency is plain cold hard cash.

But if results of the Sibu by-election were anything to go by, pork-barrel politics ought to be brought to an end.

This was particularly evident in the voting district of Rajang Park, a Chinese majority suburb within the Pelawan state constituency.

On the eve of polling, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak told voters there during a rally that he would approve a RM5 million flood mitigation project to resolve frequent flood problems in the area. (more…)

May 18, 2010

Five surprises for Najib in Sibu

By Pak Bui

Sibu has voted for the politics of hope over the politics of fear and greed. All Sarawakians ought to applaud these courageous voters.

PM Najib Razak made three flying visits to Sibu, desperate for a BN win, but he was taken aback when the May 16 Sibu by-election did not exactly go according to plan.

We may now challenge some of Najib’s assumptions.

1. Every voter has a price

It was raining cash from the sky in Sibu, to the tune of over RM20 million in federal “projects”. There were reports of cash windfalls in broad daylight, 100 to 200 ringgit per vote. Cash flowed up the Rejang river too: RM600 per pintu or longhouse family. (more…)

May 16, 2010

Sibu voters could make history

NONEBy Kim Quek

Amidst the intense election campaigns of the Sibu parliamentary by-election, there is one way to help the besieged electorate make a sound decision. And that is by asking the following question:

Which political coalition – Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat – is more likely to fulfill the wishes of the Sibu people, if given the chance to run the federal government and the Sarawak state government?

The simple reason for asking the question is that only the federal government has the power and resources, and to a lesser extent, the Sarawak state government, to solve their problems and fulfill their aspirations. (more…)

May 15, 2010

Will the SUPP ever speak up for our religious freedom?

By Pak Bui

The Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) and the state Barisan Nasional (BN) have failed at every turn to speak out for Sarawakians, against suppression of religious freedom.

When the UMNO home minister Syed Hamid Albar banned the use of the word “Allah” in the Catholic Herald, he must have had the support of UMNO. When the UMNO home minister Hishammuddin Hussein allowed the seizure and retention of 15,000 Christian bibles containing the word “Allah”, he must have enjoyed the approval of his party.

When the UMNO Prime Minister Najib Razak allowed religious fanatics to protest in contempt of court against the High Court ruling that Umno’s ban was unconstitutional and illegal, he must have won lusty cheers from his party. (more…)

Memory-Control, Anxiety and Elections

By Bunga Pakma

I began drafting my piece for today on Thursday, May 13th. The day has always been and will remain a time to reflect on sombre memories. Those who lived through riot and destruction cannot help but mark the day. Some of them have spoken of their experience of that lamentable time. Other people, thoughtful people who did not witness the terror, will review what they know of its history and wonder what it signifies. But most Malaysians will have heard of May 13th only through the state-controlled media.

The régime will never let May 13th rest. How can it? In the first place, the grisly fear can only be dissolved by a patient and accurate review of the events as they happened. In 2007, Dr. Kua Kia Soong published his book on May 13th, and the documents he accessed from the UK’s Public Records Office suggested new and surprising avenues of inquiry. British witnesses, though, are not enough. If a researcher could explore the National Archives, retrieve the evidence and piece it together, we would have a much clearer picture of what happened. (more…)

What is your vote worth?

NONEBy Keruah Usit

“’Any money YB?’ a voter asked me, as I asked him to vote for me. He said BN promised RM200 for his vote,” Wong Ho Leng, state assembly representative for Bukit Assek and the underdog DAP candidate for the Sibu parliamentary by-election, posted on Twitter on May 10.

Offers of vote-buying, Wong concluded, are not in the realm of rumour. Wong’s allegation is nothing new. Every poll in Sarawak in living memory – state, parliamentary or by-election – has been dogged by reports of vote-buying.

Methods of bribery described in past elections have included the prosaic, such as handing out cash and holding dinners and alcohol-soaked ‘meet-the-candidate’ parties. Cash gifts ranged from RM50 to RM100 were offered in previous elections, depending on the poverty level in a given constituency. (more…)

May 14, 2010

SUPP (soap) opera in Sibu

By Martin Jalleh

THE Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP), Sarawak’s oldest political party, knows that it would be in real political hot “supp” (soup) if it loses in the coming by-election in Sibu.

The PM who recently received a slap in the face by the Chinese community in Hulu Selangor will have to turn the other cheek if the Chinese who are the majority in the Sibu constituency fail to support SUPP.

This helps to explain why the second coming of Najib (to Sibu) which just took place was so necessary.

The PM descended on Sibu like a saviour determined to deliver its citizens from the evil Opposition by offering the Chinese a slew of expensive gifts. (more…)

May 11, 2010

Is SUPP united to face by-election?

george-chan-2By Joseph Tawie

Is the Sarawak United People’s Party really united to face the 54,695 voters, 67% of whom are Chinese in the Sibu by-election?

SUPP president Dr George Chan believes so, when he said: “All leaders have the motivation to forget their differences and work together for the party in the by-election.”

But many regard, however, that the party is ill-prepared for the by-election as the untimely death of MP for Sibu Robert Lau Hoi Chew on April 9 caught the party leadership in the midst of internal bickering and infighting.

Only weeks before the death of the MP, Malaysian Mirror published an article detailing the internal crisis and issues that have bogged down the party to the point that it did not have any time to talk about the interests of the people it was supposed to represent. (more…)

May 8, 2010

By-election a litmus test for S’wak polls

azlanBy Sarawak

As battle lines are drawn for the Sibu parliamentary by-election on May 16, it goes without saying that this will certainly be a closely-watched event.

Sarawak DAP chairman Richard Wong Ho Leng’s fight with newcomer and greenhorn Robert Lau Hui Yew of SUPP to wrest the seat will not just generate great interest among the public, but that of political pundits and operatives, as well.

Winning the Sibu seat means a lot for both sides of the political divide as they gear up for the state election which is expected to be called before July, next year. The result of the by-election also has a significant bearing at the national-level. (more…)

May 7, 2010

Shadow of Bakun looms over Sibu

memo to suhakam immigration ban 140907 gara jalongBy Keruah Usit

“In our struggle, we need to be united. Even though we are far from each other, we’re still in Sarawak… I hope we, the indigenous peoples, can stand united in dealing with our problems. Even if we meet in prison, we will have to fight this together,” said Gara Jalong, chief of a Kenyah village Long Lawen, near the Bakun dam.

The dam sits upstream above the Rejang River, that in turn flows down towards Sibu. Gara (right) was sharing his Bakun resettlement experience with Dayak communities from distant parts of Sarawak. These other native communities are also facing eviction from their ancestral Native Customary Rights (NCR) land, thanks to the planned construction of 12 enormous new dams.  (more…)

May 2, 2010

Dayaks hold the key to Sibu by-election

NONEBy Joseph Sipalan

Barely days after the heated by-election of Hulu Selangor, and Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat are gearing up to lock horns again, this time over the Sibu parliamentary by-election.

Although the official campaigning period only starts in 10 days, neither side is taking any chances.

Election Commission rules forbid open canvassing for votes before nomination day, which falls on May 8. However its silence on “social” visits or gatherings gives parties a handy loophole to jump-start the race. (more…)

April 30, 2010

Pragmatism will win in Sibu

taib mahmud 241008By Keruah Usit

Voters in Bandar Sibu’s May 16 by-election are less likely to be concerned about the ethnic and religious fault-lines that have shaken peninsular politics over the past 40 years, than about issues of material development and livelihood.

Pragmatism will decide the winner, rather than the ethnic voting patterns that peninsular politicians constantly bang on about. Sibu residents, Iban, Malay, Orang Ulu, Chinese and Melanau alike, are stricken by chronic, crippling ailments of under-employment, economic monopolies by Cahya Mata Sarawak (CMS) and other companies linked to the Chief Minister Abdul Taib (right) Mahmud, and poor infrastructure and social services. (more…)

April 29, 2010

‘Little’ Robert expected to win big

By MC Wong

The by-election machine of BN switched on right on the day (April 9th) the incumbent five term MP of Sibu, Robert Lau, passed away after a long battle with cancer at the age of 66.

Already waiting in the wing was his replacement, 45-year-old Robert Lau Hui Yew . He is actually the cousin (not the son, as some might assume), of the late deputy transport minister.

He has introduced himself as ‘little Robert’ or xiao luobo in Chinese, to emphasise his lineage. (more…)

April 28, 2010

Sibu offers Pakatan a new focus

By Terence Netto

After having lost Hulu Selangor by a narrow margin, the parliamentary by-election for the Sibu seat looms as a test of Pakatan Rakyat’s ability to mount a coordinated campaign, something that was said to have eluded them in the earlier poll.

The auguries for a campaign of greater focus and coordination were good in that top Pakatan leaders – Anwar Ibrahim of PKR, Lim Kit Siang of DAP and Nasharuddin Mat Isa of PAS – got together in Sibu two Sundays ago to hammer out an agreement about intra-coalition cooperation for the Sibu poll. (more…)

April 26, 2010

Gangsters haunt Sibu by-election

pkr supreme council meeting 0404010 anwar 02By Keruah Usit

The parliamentary by-election on May 16 in Sibu is expected to be a close contest, a straight fight between BN and Pakatan Rakyat.

We may witness the usual fistful of ‘independent’ candidates, perhaps even one from the oddly named Parti Cinta Malaysia, on nomination day May 8. Some independents will of course be hoping to cash in by being spoilers, but these are unlikely to affect the outcome.

Thanks to a new-born, slightly wobbly-kneed agreement among Sarawak Pakatan parties – DAP, PKR, PAS and now Snap – three-cornered fights between the ruling BN and two opposition parties may now be avoided for the upcoming state elections, expected within the next couple of months, and the 13th general elections. Sarawak is the only state that currently holds staggered state and parliamentary elections. (more…)

April 24, 2010

Hulu Selangor, What a Mess!

By Bunga Pakma

“Many forms of Government have been tried and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”

Winston Churchill, Speech in the House of Commons 11 November 1947

On Sunday the people of Hulu Selangor go to the polls to choose a new MP.

You knew that already.

We have been inundated with news, propaganda and commentary. I was curious to look up the word “news” in the great big Oxford English Dictionary and I was not surprised that from the word’s first appearance, news has simply meant “stuff that happens,” and that if it is not qualified with some positive adjective, such as “good” or “happy” the word generally means “bad news.” Consider the modern proverb: Sh*t happens.


April 16, 2010

Sibu By-election Update

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