Hornbill Unleashed

November 16, 2013

Youth, politics and election in Malaysia

Blackout 505 #KL622-22Firdausi Suffian

The sly and charismatic President Sukarno of Indonesia once said that “beri aku 1,000 orang tua, niscaya akan kucabut semeru dari akarnya, beri aku 10 pemuda niscaya akan kuguncangkan dunia”.

This famous quote attempts to exemplify the importance of youths in the country and their contribution to national building. The youths will replace the current leaders; they are the future human capital of the country and will inherit the nation’s pride. (more…)


August 18, 2013

Unity and the media

Rom Nain

Events leading up to GE13 in May and since have once again led to the Malaysian mainstream media coming under the spotlight.

Disgust has rightly been expressed by many who allege lopsided and unethical coverage of the elections by newspapers like Utusan Malaysia and television stations like TV3 and, following that, equally unethical coverage of certain, often non-Malay and non-Muslim, communities.

On the other hand, there have been a few who have expressed belief that other mainstream media, especially some local English language dailies, appear to have become ‘bolder’ since the elections. (more…)

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