Hornbill Unleashed

January 11, 2013

Varsities discourage students from tomorrow’s rally


Several public universities have issued public notices discouraging their students from participating in tomorrow’s People’s Uprising Rally in Kuala Lumpur.

Today Universiti Malaya’s student affairs department posted a notice on their official Facebook saying, “Students are not encouraged to participate in the (People’s Uprising Rally 112).

“It is reminded that this is the semester’s final examinations period, and students need to prioritise this for the sake of their future.

“The excellence, welfare and safety of our students is the university’s priority,” read the posting. (more…)


January 4, 2013

Oldest secondary school in deplorable state

Joseph Tawie

A school in Sarawak is in such a deplorable condition that worried parents are doing ‘their own repairs to bunkers and lockers’ to ensure their children’s safety.

The conditions in Bau’s oldest secondary school, SMK Bau, are so deplorable that it is a threat to the safety of its 1,990 students, especially its 550 boarders.

Two blocks of hostels, housing mainly Form 1 male students, are found to be in wretched conditions with almost all the doors broken and without locks. Some of the rooms are without lighting. (more…)

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