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November 5, 2013

SEB to lodge report on destruction of core samples at Long Kahah


  • DESTROYED: One of the activists stands on the ruins of the core samples at the soil investigation site at Baram.

Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) confirmed that it will lodge further police reports

against those responsible for destroying core samples from the soil investigation work and threatening of workers conducting site investigation in preliminary feasibility works on the proposed Baram Dam.

SEB Chief of Corporate Services Aisah Eden said: “We have provided the police with a detailed file including video and photographic evidence of the destruction of core samples and other valuable property at Long Kahah (downstream of Long Na’ah). In addition, both Sarawak Energy and our contractors have made detailed statements concerning aggressive threats of physical violence made by specific individuals against our workers.” (more…)


September 22, 2012

“The Taib Assets” ! Reply By Swiss Federal Council Raises Questions Over Taib Denials

Sarawak Report

Carlo Somarruga – The Swiss MP has been flushing out details on Malaysian PEPs’ interests in Switzerland

Taib Mahmud has kept largely silent over the growing uproar about his vast illegal wealth.

However, last year he broke this silence by declaring in the Dun Assembly itself that the news that the Swiss President had agreed to start a formal investigation into his possible assets in Switzerland was a malicious lie:

“Let me state categorically that I have no secret Swiss bank account, nor assets or investments of any description. None whatsoever”.[Taib 22nd June 2011] (more…)

September 14, 2012

UK Press Reports “Diplomatic Row” Over William & Kate’s Sabah Visit

Sarawak Report

Malaysian demonstrators gathered outside St James’ Palace in London to protest at the visit to Musa Aman last week

Britain’s major newspaper, the Daily Mail, has described the planned visit by the royal couple, Prince William and Kate, to Sabah as “the first diplomatic row of their fledgeling royal careers” today.

The reason? Because the person waiting in Sabah to greet them on Friday is Chief Minister Musa Aman, now “implicated in a criminal investigation in to alleged laundering of profit from illegal logging”, says the paper. (more…)

September 7, 2012

Swiss govt ready to freeze Musa’s accounts

FMT Staff

However, this could only happen if Malaysia were to submit legal-assistance requests to Switzerland.

The Swiss government has indicated its “readiness” to freeze the “illicit assets” of politically exposed Malaysian leaders if Malaysia submits legal asistance requests to its government.

According to Switzerland, the nation’s federal constitution empowers the Swiss government (known as the Federal Council) to freeze assets of politically exposed persons in Switzerland.

“Such a freeze usually happens with a view to entering into legal-assistance relations with the countries of origin,” it said in an official statement which was released by a Swiss-based NGO Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) today. (more…)

April 24, 2012

Swiss Authorities Cooperated With Hong Kong On Musa Aman Case

Sarawak Report

Showman – Musa Aman is going to have to explain why Switzerland was cooperating into an investigation into money laundering by him

A statement from the Swiss Attorney General’s office, published today in a national newspaper, has added further dramatic proof to our evidence that Sabah’s Chief Minister, Musa Aman, has been under investigation over timber kickbacks worth at least US$90million. (more…)

March 16, 2012

6,000 Swiss sign anti-dam petition

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Joseph Tawie

Malaysia and Swiss activists protested outside the UN office in Geneva against Sarawak’s plan to build 12 hydro-electric dams.

Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian has thrown his support behind a global effort by environmental activists from Switzerland and Malaysia to protest to the United Nations against the Sarawak government’s plans to construct 12 hydro-electric dams.

Bian, who is the Ba’Kelalan assemblyman, was responding to the efforts of activists to handover a petition bearing 6,000 signatures to the Malaysian representative to the United Nations. The petition called for a halt to the dam plans.

Thanking the Swiss people for their support, Bian said: “We give 100% support to the efforts of both the international environmental activists and their Malaysian counter-parts to pressure the state government of Sarawak and Malaysia to halt the dam construction. (more…)

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