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October 21, 2011

“Eco-Terrorists”? – Exclusive Revelations

. Sarawak Report 

Sepawi ( and Taib favourite, Awang Tenggah(centre) sign the Memorandum of Understanding with former Tasmanian government minister David Crean, now of Hydro-Tasmania last year.

Sarawak Report can disclose that the connections between Tasmania’s primary industries and the Chief Minister’s cousin,Hamed Sepawi, are far more extensive than previously publicised.

These worrying links not only threaten the integrity of old-growth forests back in Tasmania, they are also working to wreak destruction over vast swathes of the Borneo Jungle, as Taib‘s hugely controversial mega-dam project gets underway.

Tit for tat deal? (more…)


October 5, 2011


. Sarawak Report

“Eco-friendly and sustainable” – Japanese retailers advertising Ta Ann wood products highlight it Tasmanian origin

Last week Ta Ann accused The Green Party in Tasmania of false advertising over logging in Sarawak.

But now advertisements promoting Ta Ann’s products as ’Eco-wood’ have been challenged by a devastating expose of the company’s own role in Tasmania!

The report, published today by the Huon Valley Environment Centre of Tasmania, spells out Ta Ann’s hypocrisy and it is uncompromisingly titled “Behind the Veneer: Forest destruction and Ta Ann Tasmania’s lies”. [click for report]

Over 50 pages, the troubling expose details how the Sarawak timber giant’s decision to invest in Tasmania was specifically aimed at targeting the growing market for environmentally friendly, sustainable wood products, but has ended up deceiving consumers. (more…)

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