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October 20, 2013

Allah and the practice of my faith

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allahIrene Fernandez

Who are you to tell me what name I should call or give the God I believe and worship? I can call God, Yahweh, Allah, Andavar or Theivam. It is my freedom of expression and the way I relate to God.

Allah or Theivam does not belong to any individual and cannot be privately owned. This freedom of expression is guaranteed in our Federal Constitution where all citizens are ensured the right to practice their own religion and where Islam is recognised as the official religion.

My understanding of Article 3 quoted by the honourable judges is that peace and harmony should be for the minority so that their freedom to practice their faith is not disturbed by the majority or dominant group. It is indeed shocking how this interpretation has come through and how the Constitution is abused to support the dominant group. The fundamental spirit of the Constitution reflected in its articles is to ensure that the constitutional rights of the minority are protected. (more…)

January 1, 2013

Clearing the confusion on the use of Allah in Bahasa Bibles

From Dr SK Teoh, via e-mail

Many Muslims and even some Christians have misunderstood the use of “Allah” in Bahasa Bibles.  To clarify some of the confusion:

  • The BM Bible or the Alkitab is not translated from the English Bible but from the original languages, i.e.  Hebrew and Greek.
  • The Hebrew word for God is El or Elohim (similar root as Ilah in Arabic) and YHWH or Yahweh for LORD. The Greek words are Theo for God and Kurios for Lord.
  • Biblical translators all over the world have used the local language terms for Elohim and Yahweh e.g. God and LORD in English; Dios and Senor in Spanish, Shangti and Zhu in Chinese (more…)

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