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November 5, 2014

Najib, wake up and listen to the rumblings!

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NajibAhmad Mustapha Hassan

I have written a number of articles urging action on the part of the prime minister to curtail and end the trend that will create chaos in the country. It seems like one is talking to a wall. But definitely he has to wake up from his slumber and act, or he would be the very person responsible for a disaster awaiting the nation.

Every time Datuk Seri Najib Razak makes speeches, he looks more like an amateur actor with poor directing, doing a soliloquy from some Shakespearean play. His aides should be brave enough to tell him about this. Possibly what others say will only fall on his deaf ears as his advisers have been presenting  the wrong picture about what the people perceive him to be.

In this respect, his people are also to blame.
The discordant voices on national unity have been on the rise, creating apprehension among the people. Anti-national elements had been given carte blanch to make hate speeches and creating uncertainty among the majority.
The PM himself seems to be imitating the very acts of these unruly elements. Anyone who has been appointed as PM through a democratic process needs to behave and act as representing the nation as a whole. He should not pander to the whims and fancies of those who are bent on seeking popularity from their ethnic community through outdated behaviour and instilling fear concerning their religion. He should be reprimanding them and bring them back to their senses. It is improper for him to add fire to the situation.
The sad part is when the MCA, a servile partner of the BN coalition, defended Najib by saying that the media had misquoted and had misunderstood his speech concerning support and requests for development aid. It had been reported extensively that Najib had said that if the Chinese did not support BN, then they had no business to demand anything. So far Najib had not denied this.
If David Cameron were to tell Britons that those who did not vote Conservatives would get nothing from the government, he would have made himself the biggest laughing stock of British politics and he would have been booted out instantly from 10 Downing Street.
But it is this kind of bootlicking behaviour that gives the wrong picture of the situation and preventing Najib from taking remedial steps.
It was once stated that these categories of supporters would do anything that the PM wanted. If the PM told them to jump and instead of asking why, they would in fact ask him for the stipulated height that he wants them to jump from. Such is the servility of these sycophants.
They act to safeguard their survival and not for the interest of the people. Their action encourages their ‘leader’ to stray from the original purpose of getting elected to office.
Lately, there has been a step-up in action to curtail discussions on issues related to the welfare of the people. A gathering to discuss the threat of Islamic fundamentalism had been stopped from taking place. The world is at the moment facing the threat from this element and Malaysians too had gone over to IS to fight for their cause. This has caused uneasiness among the people.
But the relevant authorities in charge of Islamic affairs have shown their intolerance towards any topic deemed by them to be against the Shafie School of Islamic jurisprudence. But people need to know as such threats can affect their way of life.
Then there was the Penang episode whereby a peaceful gathering to protest the Sedition Act was rudely disrupted by unruly elements. And their action was never stopped. This illustrates the break in the Rule of Law. This kind of sanction on the part of the authorities only encourages more such gangster like behaviour taking place against people who simply want to draw the attention of the authorities to some of the laws that had become outdated and against the very spirit of democratic practices.
Najib must be made aware of this and the fact that there has also been an increase in Malay extremism and religious fanaticism.
The Islamic religious fanatics have created ghosts to frighten the Malays where there are none. They seem to be against anything positive
There is an urgent need to nip all these in the bud before they become out of hand. Unless Najib is jolted into realising that all these disruptive activities are fast expanding and causing grave concern, the country will face a very bleak future.
Act now, Mr Prime Minister, before it is too late. Stop living in your make believe world!


  1. Umno is doomed!

    Comment by RMJ — November 8, 2014 @ 11:27 AM | Reply

  2. Time is up for him come GE14.

    Comment by gookang — November 6, 2014 @ 11:01 AM | Reply

  3. Sorry to say he is not a good leader at all.

    Comment by Tigeryk — November 6, 2014 @ 5:53 AM | Reply

  4. Najib only reads and listen to BIG FAT MAMA (RM).

    Comment by The Mukah Watcher — November 5, 2014 @ 4:10 PM | Reply

  5. Unfortunately Najib does not read this website. He only reads Utusan to syiok sendiri.

    Comment by larry — November 5, 2014 @ 2:44 PM | Reply

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