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September 25, 2016

PKR: Why is ‘mastermind killer’ still at large?

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Baru BianIt has been three months since Bill Kayong was murdered in cold blood, yet the mastermind of the heinous crime remains scot-free, Baru Bian lamented.

The Sarawak PKR leader said he had last month asked whether Interpol had requested for assistance from its Australian counterpart to arrest the chief suspect and whether the Malaysian Government had made a request for the extradition of the suspect.

“However, there has been no answer forthcoming and I wish to ask these questions again.”

Baru said there had been no word or any communication between the Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar and the office of the Federal Commissioner of Police in Australia. (more…)

Sarawak DAP has anti-rural agenda, says Nancy

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Wong King WeiMinister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nancy Shukri has accused Sarawak DAP of having an anti-rural development agenda following criticism against the soon-to-be-opened Batang Sadong bridge.

A comment by Padungan Assemblyman Wong King Wei yesterday hit a raw nerve as it disputed Nancy’s statement that the bridge would cut travel time from Kuching to Sibu by two-and-a-half hours from the current total of eight hours.

“The Sarawak DAP’s anti-rural development agenda, contrary to their ‘Impian Sarawak Campaign’, has resurfaced once again.

“Barely two years ago, the Sarawak DAP Chairman (Chong Chien Jen) had questioned the state Barisan Nasional government in the State Legislative Assembly for seeking an additional RM500 million development budget for accelerating the rural development in the state. (more…)

Efforts to track down Datuk Stephen Lee Chee Kiang ongoing — CP

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Image result for baru bianThe state police has stressed that efforts to track down fugitive businessman Datuk Stephen Lee Chee Kiang, the alleged mastermind in the murder of PKR activist Bill Kayong, is ongoing via Interpol Malaysia

In a statement issued yesterday, State Police Commissioner Datuk Mazlan Mansor said police would not stop in their attempts to pursue Lee, who is currently believed to be in Australia, as well as another still-at-large individual implicated in the murder.

“State police wishes to confirm that efforts are underway through Interpol Malaysia to track down Datuk Stephen Lee Chee Kiang, who is now overseas.

“Our efforts will not cease until Datuk Stephen Lee and another still-at-large suspect are brought to face justice,” he said. (more…)

EC must explain reason for redelineation

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The Election Commission must publicly explain its justifications for redrawing electoral boundaries that has sparked outcry from across the political divide. The opaque manner in which the EC came up with the recommendations go against the principle of good governance which Cenbet promotes.

The EC should publicise information and be transparent about its methodology and formula in arriving at its redelineation proposals, be it due to ethnic composition constraints, population density and geographical considerations etc. Without such information, the EC’s proposals would come across as arbitrary, or worse, politically-motivated.

The EC should have also engaged political parties from across the divide as well as the public on matters of such national importance. In the United Kingdom, where there is a now redrawing of Parliamentary constituencies, the UK Boundary Commission is required by law to spend weeks in consultations with political parties and the public. (more…)

In any state snap poll, BN will win

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In a system where the election machinery is completely controlled by the government of the day, it is almost impossible for the opposition to win hands down if a state is to call for snap polls.

Professor Redzuan Othman, a leading analyst on Malaysian elections, says that a survey in 2013 on the tracking of votes has proven that in snap polls, ruling party Umno and ruling coalition Barisan Nasional will be able to garner up to even 45 percent of votes in some areas in a snap poll, as compared to lower in General Elections.

“For the opposition to even garner more than three percent than the predicted in General Election would be difficult,” says Redzuan.

Redzuan, now the deputy Vice Chancellor of Universiti Selangor and with think tank Darul Ehsan Institute, was former head of Universiti Malaya’s Centre of Democracy and Elections (UMCedel). (more…)

Yahoo hack: Are you affected?

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Yahoo says 500 million email accounts were exposed in a huge hack that was carried out by a state-sponsored attacker.

If you have a Yahoo email address since 2014, or if you have an old one you haven’t used in a while, you could be affected by the breach.

According to CNET, Yahoo has one billion active monthly users on its services, and 225 million monthly active users for Yahoo Mail. So there is a chance that even if you don’t use Yahoo as your primary email, you have an account lying dormant somewhere.

Whether Yahoo is your main email, a backup or something you signed up for to get access to another Yahoo service, you should check your Yahoo Mail account. That’s how Yahoo is notifying users that they have been targeted. (more…)

New halal logo only for Muslim-made products

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The halal logo is seen on eggs. Ikiam and Risda said they will launch a new halal logo specifically for products produced by Muslims. ― Picture via Facebook/Jakim The Malaysia Institute of International Islamic Cooperation (Ikiam) with the cooperation of the Rubber Industry Smallholders Development Authority (Risda) will launch a halal logo specifically for Muslim products early next year.

Risda chairman Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin said the halal logo would be launched at a conference to be attended by representatives from Islamic organisations within and outside the country.

He said the proposed logo to be issued by Ikiam, which would denote products produced by Muslims, would go hand in hand with the halal logo issued by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim).

“The need for another halal logo is to distinguish products that were produced by Muslims against that of non-Muslims besides helping Risda smallholding entrepreneurs and Muslim entrepreneurs make forays into the halal markets locally and abroad,” he said. (more…)

Sarawak BN party claims redelineation proposal will fan ethnic tensions

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The Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) has joined calls for the Election Commission (EC) to review its redelineation proposal. — Reuters picThe Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) has joined calls for the Election Commission (EC) to review its redelineation proposal, claiming there is too much emphasis on racial and religious breakdown of seats.

SUPP central assistant treasurer Robert Lau Hui Yew acknowledged that the proposal does not affect Sarawak, but said that his party has received feedback on 13 new Sabah seats to be created that are allegedly drawn along racial and religious lines, The Borneo Post reported today.

“It is against the multi-racial set-up of this country. This does not bode well for racial integration. Instead, it will fan politicians to appeal to their bases, with race and religion as the lowest common denominator,” he was quoted saying.

According to Lau, six out of the 13 proposed new seats in Sabah are Muslim Bumiputera majority seats, four have an equal number of Muslim and non-Muslim Bumiputera voters, and two have a higher non-Muslim Bumiputera voter demography. (more…)

Azmin to instruct lawyers to deal with EC

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AzminThe Election Commission (EC) must act in a responsible manner, warned PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali in a statement.

The EC should not brush off serious questions on fundamental and crucial matters, he added. “These go to the very basis of our democracy.”

He was disclosing that he, as the Selangor Menteri Besar, and the Selangor Government, would be instructing lawyers to look into all legal options in dealing with the EC.

He was commenting on the position taken by the EC in a letter which he received from the body on Friday.

The EC cannot displace voters without justification, said Azmin. (more…)

Ti: Azmin defending Anwar on Chinese schools ‘a laugh’

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vernacular Chinese schools MCA Religious Harmony Bureau Chairman, Ti Lian Ker, has charged that PKR Deputy President Azmin Ali cannot substantiate his “bare denial” on Anwar Ibrahim “undermining” vernacular Chinese schools.

“Azmin cannot provide any facts or figures to back up his lame defence of Anwar,” said Ti in a statement. “MCA is calling Azmin’s big bluff.”

“It’s a laugh.”

Azmin should  not have slammed MCA President Liow Tiong Lai by just making a mere bare denial, added Ti. “It’s the biggest overstatement of the year.”

Ti in referring to Azmin, also the Selangor Menteri Besar, as Anwar’s former private secretary, listed out several points. (more…)

Have a battle plan to face redelineation, says Amanah

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AmanahAmanah Strategy Director Dzulkefly Ahmad has called on the Pakatan Harapan Presidential Council to meet over the Election Commission’s (EC) proposed redelineation and devise a “battle plan” to face it.

In a statement, he said the EC’s blatant disregard for the Federal Constitution and the principles of fairness and democracy in its redelination proposal was despicable and in fact “alienated” the non-Malay component parties of the BN.

This, he said, had not only been voiced out by the Opposition but also criticised by Barisan Nasional component parties.

Now, he said, the time had come for Pakatan Harapan to consider all available options, discuss them and come with a united solution against the proposed redelineation.

“Amanah entirely understands the overarching concern underlying the DAP supremo’s (Lim Kit Siang) call for a snap election in the state of Selangor.” (more…)

Middle-income trap spells graver racial conflict for Malaysia, Singapore don warns

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IDEAS Chair in Political Economy & Governance, Dr Razeen Sally speaks at the IDEAS Liberalism Conference 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, September 24, 2015. — Photo by Yusof Mat IsaMalaysia needs to liberalise its economy to escape the middle income trap soon or risk seeing its growth levels cut, which will affect the spread of wealth and lead to dire racial conflicts, an associate professor with the National University of Singapore said today.

Dr Razeen Sally said the Najib administration’s reform initiatives like the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) and the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) have helped liberalise the market, but stressed that measures must be taken to phase out policies favouring only the Bumiputra.

“I think Malaysia does need a liberal rejuvenation on the economic front, which is at least  as important as the political and social fronts,” he said in his keynote speech at this year’s Liberalism Conference organised by think tank, the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs. (more…)

More racially mixed seats needed for fairer representation, academic says

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Dr Faisal Hazis speaks at the IDEAS Liberalism Conference 2016 in Kuala Lumpur September 24, 2016. — Picture by Yusof Mat IsaA Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia political scientist called today for the deconstruction and reform of existing election rules to curb the spread of racial and religious politics he said is damaging to the country.

Dr Faisal Hazis said that among other things, there is a need to “de-ethnicise” constituencies, adding that the Election Commission’s (EC) recent redelineation proposal only served to strengthen racial politics.

“We need to deconstruct the election rules. I think the proposed redelineation by the election commission recently, just strengthened ethnic politics,” he told a forum entitled at the Liberalism Conference 2016 organised by think tank, Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS).

He said that the first step forward was for Malaysians to realise the destructive effects of ethno-religious politics that is holding the country back from progress through the creation of legislation that caters only to one community instead of to all. (more…)

Conservative Muslims not extremist, says Muslim NGO

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Adli-Zakuan2Moderate Muslims cannot label people with more conservative opinions on Islam as extremists, says Adli Zakuan, an executive committee member of Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (Abim).

Speaking at a forum entitled “Membalas Naratif Extremism” at The School in Jaya One here today, Adli said that Muslims believe that God calls differing opinions a mercy and a blessing.

“Our job is not to change a person’s opinion but to provide a different kind of view,” he said.

“There needs to be a contestation of ideas and in my opinion, a characteristic of an extremist is one who rejects the opinions of others.” (more…)

Indian Court issues arrest warrant for Ananda Krishnan

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ananda-krishnan_india_law_6A court in New Delhi, India, today issued arrest warrants for Malaysian billionaire T Ananda Krishnan and Astro All Asia Networks Plc Deputy Chairman Ralph Marshall over allegations of corruption involving the purchase of an Indian telecommunications company by Malaysian telco Maxis, which is controlled by the former.

The court said the matter of the alleged phone-license corruption would be split into separate investigations for allegations pertaining to the two Malaysians and those involving the former Indian telecommunications minister Dayanidhi Maran, Bloomberg reported.

India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) sought the warrants of arrest to get the Malaysian tycoon and Marshall to face court proceedings following allegations that Maran improperly favoured an operator.

“Serious allegations have been levelled against the two accused both of whom are Malaysian nationals,” the judge said in the order, according to Bloomberg. (more…)

Umno, BN more realistic in winning voters

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najib_umno_bn_600Barisan Nasional (BN) is more realistic with its voters as compared with other parties who choose to play hate-based politics, Prime Minister Najib Razak said today.

In his message to the party’s Puteri wing today, Najib said “that side” – believed to be in reference to Opposition parties, including the newly-formed Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) – was only talking politics.

This, he said, was in contrast to Umno who carried an agenda that was accepted by the people.

“We have transcended poltics and are being more realistic in trying to get votes,” Najib said at the Young Women’s Carnival at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) here, today. (more…)

Isma rejects freedom of individuals, expression

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hazlin-chong_malaysiaIslamic rights group, Malaysian Muslim Solidarity (Isma) rejects any concept that will favour the freedom of individuals and expression above societal needs.

Isma member Hazlin Chong said this in her speech to participants of the second Liberalism Conference organised by the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas) held at the Pullman Hotel in Jalan Pantai Baru, here today.

“We do not want injustice to others. We want peace but to achieve that we need to recognise that we have differences. As a nation like Malaysia grows bigger, to achieve and maintain harmony gets difficult.

“What we need is a system where we will be able to look after the needs of the individual and society as one. (more…)

Sibu lawyer latest victim of pay-for-Datukship scam

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DatukshipA lawyer from Sibu has been confirmed by police as the latest victim of a pay-for-Datukship scam that has left the man RM604,000 poorer.

In a report by The Borneo Post, Federal police Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) director Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani said the 63-year-old lawyer was conferred the Panglima Jasa Negara award, that comes with the title Datuk, at the Istana Negara on June 4.

“The lawyer claimed he was approached by a 36-year-old woman, who introduced herself as the assistant to the Raja Permaisuri Agong at Istana Negara on Nov 11,” Acryl Sani told The Borneo Post.

He explained that this woman met with the lawyer on several occasions and instructed that he donate RM604,000 to a foundation associated with the Queen as a condition to obtain the Datukship. (more…)

Closure for Canny Ong’s kins

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Eleven years is a long time to spend on death row. It is torturous to be trapped on a roller coaster ride of hope and despair, wishing for the near impossible chance of being spared. Having exhausted all his appeals, Ahmad Najib Aris was executed for the 2003 murder of Canny Ong early yesterday.

It is an extremely long time to be in a state of uncertainty. The former aircraft cabin cleaning supervisor paid the ultimate price for raping and killing Ong after abducting her from a shopping complex in Bangsar in 2003.

A Kajang prison spokesman said the Ahmad Najib, 40, was executed at about 6am and his body was later buried at the Sungai Kantan Muslim cemetery in Kajang. The condemned murderer was allowed to meet his family members for the last time on Thursday.

If there is consolation for his family, Ahmad Najib was a changed man in prison. His former lawyer Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla described him as a “good Muslim” while in jail. (more…)

September 23, 2016

Why are illegal gambling outlets operating again?

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Voon Shiak NiThe public are asking the authorities, including Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem, as to why illegal gambling (fishing) outlets are operating again after they were closed for a short period recently.

PKR Women national vice president Voon Shiak Ni said the questions were posed by crime watch groups to her, but unfortunately, she had no authority to answer them.

“It has been brought to my attention by the crime watch groups that the ‘fishing’ outlets are opened again especially at Kota Sentosa, MJC Batu Kawah New Township and from Mile 9 to Mile 11 Jalan Penrissen.

“However, I have no authority to answer these questions. (more…)

Sarawak PKR: Adenan breaking election pledge not to build mega dam

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Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian (pic) reminded Adenan of the latter’s vow made ahead of the Sarawak election. ― Picture by Sulok TawieSarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem has reneged on his May 7 pledge not to build another mega dam in the state, Sarawak PKR chairman Baru Bian said today.

“I am most disappointed to learn that state government has given approval to Sarawak Energy Berhad for the construction of the 1,285 megawatt Baleh mega dam,” he told reporters here.

Baru, who is also the Ba’Kelalan assemblyman, reminded Adenan of the latter’s vow made ahead of the Sarawak election.

He also said the decision came after Adenan was briefed by the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) project from the University of Berkeley, California on the benefits of other forms of sustainable energy that did not require the environmental damage that occurs with large dams. (more…)

Being insensitive isn’t a crime

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Image result for Arresting someone at 4.30am in his home without a warrantArresting someone at 4.30am in his home without a warrant, taking him away without informing his family where they were taking him or why, and dragging him all the way from Petaling Jaya to Johor Baru — one might think that the suspect was a terrorist, murderer or had committed treason against the state.

But no, former journalist Sidek Kamiso was arrested simply because he allegedly tweeted this, presumably over the death of faith healer and PAS spiritual adviser Datuk Dr Haron Din: “Someone who made his career out of selling air jampi for any illness succumbed to his illness in a modern hospital in San Francisco. #irony”

Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi from the DAP is also under investigation for allegedly retweeting Sidek’s purported tweet and saying: “Adios Harun Din. Let there be peace.”

Those two alleged tweets were perhaps insensitive or even in bad taste. It was also unfair to criticise Haron for going to a hospital in the US despite his alternative medicine practice. (more…)

Bersih Sarawak to start convoy at same time with national group on Oct 1

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Ahmad Awang (front centre) and Murnie (right) with two other Bersih Sarawak members holding the poster on Bersih’s coming convoy. Bersih Sarawak will hold a convoy simultaneously with the nationwide Bersih convoy on Oct 1 with the flagging-off in Miri.

The convoy is expected to reach Sri Aman on Oct 22, from where it will proceed to Lachau, Simunjan, Balai Ringin, Gedong, Serian, Siburan, Kota Samarahan, Kota Padawan, Petra Jaya, Matang, Demak Laut, Kota Sentosa, finally reaching Tabuan in Kuching on Nov 19.

Yesterday, Bersih Sarawak comprising various non-governmental organisations (NGOs) led by its representatives Ahmad Awang Ali, Sean Ho and Geoffrey Tang met with police officers at the Police Headquarters at Jalan Badruddin to submit a letter on the tentative route.

Ahmad later told the media that the various NGOs in the state participating in the convoy would hold programmes centred around education, voter registration and forums in line with Bersih’s demands. (more…)

Can four be ‘approximately equal’ to one?

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Decent Malaysians are angry over the unscrupulous redelineation proposal unveiled by the Election Commission (EC) on Sept 15.

However, anger without action does not lead to anywhere. And if the EC proposal is passed – which takes only a simple majority in the Dewan Rakyat to do so – the outcomes of the next two to three general elections are more or less determined. Then there is a good chance you may still call Najib Abdul Razak your prime minister at 2020.

What actions are we talking about here?

First, state governments, local authorities and any group of 100 or more affected voters should file an objection within 30 days (by Oct 14 for the first round) and then argue the case in the local inquiries held by the EC. (For a technical guide on how to raise an objection, please visitdart.bersih.org) (more…)

New No airport tax hike please, say Sarawak lawmakers

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taxA couple of Sarawak Barisan Nasional lawmakers have urged Putrajaya to reconsider the impending airport tax hike and stop its implementation, Borneo Post Online reported today.

According to the report, Batu Danau Assemblyman Paulus Palu Gumbang said air travellers in the state were already heavily burdened with expensive domestic travel, especially those in Limbang and Lawas, who had few alternatives to reach other parts of the state as it was time consuming.

He said air travellers in the two areas had already been affected by the current RM50 fuel surcharge and the current RM9 airport tax, known as the Passenger Service Charge (PSC).

“Air fares on domestic travel, especially on rural air services are already very expensive and the increase in PSC makes it from bad to worse,” he said. (more…)

Sarawak says won’t allow developers to give out loans

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Amar said the move would cause financial complications. — Bernama picThe Sarawak government has rejected the proposal by Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Tan Sri Noh Omar to allow property developers to act as bankers in providing housing loans.

According to the Borneo Post Online, State Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg pointed out that the move would cause financial complications.

Among others, he was reported as saying that it could result in developers increasing the costs of end-financing.

“One thing for sure is that the developers may not be as experienced as the banks when it comes to providing buyers with housing loans. They (developers) may experience problems in loan repayments. (more…)

Ambiga: I support Dr M as nation needs rescue

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ambiga_limguaneng_mahathir_600Lawyer Ambiga Sreenevasan said she supports former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Citizens’ Declaration as the nation is facing a bigger evil that is insurmountable.

“It is also a political necessity for a new political alignment to take place,” she told her audience in response to a question posed by DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng.

Ambiga was the moderator of “Hard Talk” titled “Challenges of Enhancing Democratic Space at Federal and State Level” at the International Malaysia Law Conference.

Lim, who is also Penang chief minister, posed this question on why she chose to work with Mahathir, who was in power for 22 years.

Ambiga, who is also Malaysian Human Rights Society president, said the question of Mahathir asking forgiveness did not arise. (more…)

Amanah wants Harapan council to act fast on redelineation

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Parti Amanah Negara strategy director Dzulkefly Ahmad wants Pakatan Harapan’s presidential douncil to convene immediately and endorse a unified action plan to move against the Election Commission’s (EC) proposed relideneation exercise.

“What needs doing soonest is for the presidential council to assemble a meeting so as to endorse an action plan already prepared by the Harapan secretariat,” Dzulkefly said in a statement today.

He called for a wide-ranging, multi-pronged action by all stakeholders and activists, both partisan and non-partisan, for a massive nationwide mobilisation to educate the rakyat on the matter.

“With the very challenging task ahead, it is only urgent and pertinent that leaders of Pakatan Harapan quickly convene a meeting of the presidential council, now that the secretariat has met and concurred on some concrete action plans to be executed.” (more…)

How S’gor seats will be more racially polarised with EC’s redelineation

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A week after the Election Commission (EC) announced its redelineation plans, debates continue to rage on the way it was done, among them whether the transfer of voters will create further racial polarisation.

This is particularly true for racially-mixed Selangor, which will see its electoral constituencies substantially altered by the EC.

Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming on Wednesday published data on how the redelineation will change the majorities in Selangor state seats won by the respective parties, as well as how the racial composition in each seat will change.

Malaysiakini has further analysed this information and puts together here a series on infographic to address questions on whether Selangor would become more racially divided. (more…)

Unesco hails M’sia for stance against violent extremism

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Irina-BokovaUnesco Director-General Irina Bokova has paid tribute to Putrajaya for its firm stance against violent extremism.

Calling Malaysia a country which helps to advance education for peace, Bokova said Unesco shared its vision of an inclusive society that gained strength from diversity.

She said under Prime Minister Najib Razak’s leadership, the government had taken a strong stance against violent extremism through inclusion and education.

This, Bokova said, was considered by Unesco as one of the most effective, long-term preventive measure against forces which threatened to divide societies. (more…)

Opposition to Hadi’s Bill snowballs

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PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s private member’s Bill on the Hudud looked like it’s going to get defeated even before it gets retabled in Parliament.

Opposition to Hadi’s plan to retable the Bill that seeks to amend the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965, also known as Act 355, is snowballing in the two Borneo states – Sarawak and Sabah.

Last Monday the Sarawak Barisan Nasional (BN) reiterated its opposition to the introduction of Hudud in the country.

Now, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman, a Sabahan, declared he will oppose the Bill. He becomes the first Umno leader to state his opposition. (more…)

Where’s the bus backup?

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I do hope some Malaysians enjoyed the three-day free rides on the RapidKL Rail Kelana Jaya line last week. The events leading up to it were definitely horrendous to some.

For those not in the know, the Kelana Jaya LRT line broke down twice – first on Sept 7 and then once again on Sept 9 – due to problems regarding the power supply.

Thus, I waited for RapidKL Rail and its parent, Prasarana, to offer a statement detailing the error and what is needed. They detailed the problem, and then gave everyone free rides for three days.

So, I waited for a statement from the regulators, the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD). Surely they would see the void many Malaysians have seen within the public transport plan. Instead, SPAD issued a statement asking Prasarana to have safeguards so that this doesn’t happen again. (more…)

Law firm set up under former AG’s name

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gani-patailA legal firm under the name of Gani Patail Chambers has been set up in Kuala Lumpur.

A check by FMT on the Malaysian Bar website revealed lawyers listed as attached to the firm were Faezul Adzra Patail Abdul Gani Patail, the son of the former attorney-general, as well as former Solicitor-General Azailiza Mohd Ahad, who left the government service after optional retirement in April, and Anati Kasahi.

Gani, who left in July last year, retired from the judicial and legal service three months later.

In January, Gani had filed a petition for admission to the Bar in the High Court to begin chambering under lawyer Ragunath Kesavan, a former Malaysian Bar president. (more…)

PPBM wants a two-term limit for post of PM

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muhyiddin_putrajayaEmulating the political system in several developed countries, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) says it will limit the term of the prime minister if it comes to power.

Its vice-president Mukhriz Mahathir said should the party take over Putrajaya after the next general election, any of its leaders would only be allowed to hold the premiership for a maximum of two full five-year terms.

This, he said, was important to avoid management crises and abuse of power as seen with the current Barisan Nasional (BN) administration.

“Maybe there will be those who will say that (former premier) Dr Mahathir Mohamad was the prime minister for 22 years. (more…)

Interfaith group wants proper decorum during ‘doa’

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doa_1Revive the “doa” (prayer) sessions observed in the 1950s and 1970s, an interfaith group urged today.

Under the practice, people of other faiths would pray in silence while the “doa” was recited for Muslims in schools and during official functions.

Honorary Secretary of the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST), Prematilaka Serisena said this was the normal practice when Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, Razak Hussein and Hussein Onn were prime ministers.

“This is not being practised in schools or during official functions now.

“It stopped after Razak’s premiership.” (more…)

Can we sue councils for crashing?

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With the terrible conditions of Malaysian roads, especially in the Klang Valley, and the construction sites which add to the heavy vehicles plying the roads, it would seem the only vehicles suitable for us would be the off roader-type.

Yesterday, Chandran Sekaran K. Mohan, 55, had his vehicle plunged into a 10-metre-deep hole at a construction site at Bulatan Kampung Pandan.

Reports said that he has lost control of the wheel causing the car to skid and crash into a road divider before plunging into the hole.

The Kuala Lumpur Fire and Rescue Operations Centre chief Samsol Maarif Saibani (pic) said 15 firemen took about 10 minutes to remove Chandran who was trapped in his seat after his Kia Spectra car plunged into the hole. (more…)

Cenbet: EC redelineation proposals against 1Malaysia

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cenbet_spr_600The Election Commission’s (EC) redelineation proposal will create single ethnic domination in certain seats, contrary to the government’s national integration efforts, says the Centre for a Better Tomorrow (Cenbet).

The think tank warned that the EC’s latest approach also contradicts the urban housing policy.

“It’s certainly not about 1Malaysia,” Cenbet said in a statement today.

Cenbet called for the EC to ensure a good ethnic mixture in the urban and semi-urban constituencies in particular. (more…)

Dr M now believes PMs shouldn’t be finance minister

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Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad now believes that the country’s prime ministers should not hold the portfolio of finance minister as well.

This, he said, is to avoid a repeat of financial scandals such as the one involving 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

“Prime ministers should not be the minister of finance,” The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) quoted Mahathir saying at a lecture in London on Wednesday.

“We should put a bar to the prime minister becoming the minister of finance,” he said, acknowledging he himself had also held the finance minister’s post for a time during his 22 years as premier. (more…)

Ali Tinju arrested and freed on bail, says IGP

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igp-ali-tinjuMohd Ali Baharom, or Ali Tinju, has been arrested, and freed on bail following his threat against Bersih 2.0 chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah.

Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said there was no basis in claims that the police practised double standards in acting against the Gerakan Merah leader.

“That’s why I said, people should stop making statements if they don’t know a thing about it.

“We have arrested Ali Tinju and released him on bail. We took the same actions we did against (Jelutong MP) Jeff Ooi. There are no double standards,” he said, referring to Ooi who was recently probed over his “adios” tweet following the death of PAS spiritual leader Haron Din. (more…)

Get the one who defamed teachers

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While it comes as a relief that the recent video alleging that a principal and a teacher were caught kissing and fondling each other in a national school meeting room was not true, the Ministry of Education and the National Union of Teaching Profession must find out who is out to sully the noble profession.

Minister of Education Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid tweeted that investigations have shown that the two main actors in the viral video are not teachers and it did not take place in a school as reported.

The very video, first uploaded in mid September by a Jones Jangkat, when it was shared infuriated not only parents but disgusted students and so many questions raced our minds as we cursed the two, thinking that they were teachers.

Some commentators joked that these two may be husband and wife who are so bogged down with teaching and teachers’ work that they have had no time at home. Many other condemned these two and said they have stained teachers nationwide. (more…)

‘Too simplistic to say Malay votes will go to Umno’

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Awang Azman Awang PawiIt is flawed and condescending. A political analyst said this about the argument that the recent redelineation exercise will only benefit Umno.

Some political parties had claimed that a huge number of Malay voters had been shifted into traditional Umno seats.

Speaking to FMT, UM Political Analyst Associate Professor Awang Azman Awang Pawi said assumptions that the redelineation would only benefit Umno were too simplistic.

He said the voting patterns of the Malay community had evolved, and this was especially the case in urban areas. (more…)

PKR to gather voters nationwide to protest against redelineation

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azmin-ali-sprPKR will mobilise at least 100 voters in contentious constituencies outside Selangor and Penang, where it does not hold power, to protest against the “unfair” redelineation proposals by the Election Commission (EC).

Its deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali said this would be done before the 30-day deadline that expires on Oct 14.

“We feel the EC has violated all principles provided in the Federal Constitution on the redrawing of boundaries,” he told reporters after opening the RM28.9 million flyover linking the LDP to Puchong Utama and Batu 14 here.

Selangor and Penang are under Pakatan Rakyat and both state governments and local authorities could file complaints to the EC. (more…)

Anwar called Mahathir ‘untrustworthy mamak’, court told

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Umno’s Lenggeng Assemblyman Ishak Ismail told the court that then deputy prime minister and finance minister Anwar Ibrahim had once helped him to “expedite” his loan approval for an Ayer Keroh development project.

“He (as Finance Minister) helped me to seek a loan from a finance company for my project worth millions of ringgit.”

“He told the company that I was his friend,” he said, responding to Anwar’s lawyer, Latheefa Koya.

She is representing Anwar, the former parliamentary opposition leader, in a RM100 million defamation lawsuit against Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin. (more…)

September 22, 2016

Breakthrough student credits SJKC

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Two young Malaysians have done the country proud with their achievements, one for his service above self and another for a breakthrough discovery that could be a game changer for modern medicine.

Dr Mohd Lutfi Fadil Lokman, 28, was selected as a United Nation Young Leader from a list of 18,000 nominations from 186 countries around the world. He was among was among 17 young people named as advocates of change for the United Nations.

Shu Lam, a PhD student at Melbourne Uni’s School of Engineering, made a significant discovery which offers a potential alternative to destroying superbugs, without harming the body.

In an interview with Sin Chew Daily, she credits her early education at a Chinese medium primary school (SJKC) for her strong foundation in mathematics and science. This shaped her interest and gave her confidence to excel in chemistry and medical research. (more…)

Bersih Sarawak plans statewide convoy

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Image result for ann teo bersihBersih Sarawak plans to hold a statewide convoy this year, starting from Miri on October 1 and ending in Kuching on November 19.

A group representing various participating NGOs today went to the state police headquarters at Jalan Baharuddin here to present a letter seeking permission to hold the event.

Its spokesman Ahmad Awang Ali said around 5,000 people were expected to join the convoy which will pass through a number of towns along the Miri/Kuching trunk road.

“The participants include those who will attend our planned rallies and other activities in towns like Sri Aman, Lachau, Simunjan, Balai Ringin, Gedong, Serian, Kota Samarahan, Kota Padawan, Petrajaya, Matang, Demak Laut, Kota Sentosa and finally Tabuan,” he told the media here, today. (more…)

Christians pray for more religious freedom

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(From left) Cheong, Justin, Ng (third right) and other church leaders during the Benediction Session.The Association of Churches in Sarawak (ACS) prayed for greater religious freedom during the 53rd Malaysia Day celebration.

ACS chairman Reverend Datuk Dr Justin Wan said currently there was some flux to religious freedom in the country.

“Right now, we sense a little bit of instability, where freedom of religion may not be that firm,” he said, when met by The Borneo Post after attending the joint Malaysia Day Service on Sept 16, hosted by Anglican Church and St Columba Church Miri.

“In the last few years, there have been religious issues, like restricted use of the word Allah, conversion, and Hudud.”

Justin, who is also Borneo Evangelical Mission (SIB) president, rated religious freedom as among the big challenges facing the nation now. (more…)

Why pay more, PKR leader asks of EPF-DUKE deal

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The acquisition of 40 per cent of the DUKE highway concessionaire by the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has come under fire by an opposition lawmaker for the premium amount paid for the purchase.

PKR’s Director of Strategy Sim Tze Tzin said the price tag of RM1.13 bilion paid by EPF to Ekovest Bhd’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Nuzen Corp Sdn Bhd, is more than three times what the equal amount of shares would have been worth just two years ago.

“When Ekovest purchased a 30 per cent stake in DUKE highway from Malaysian Resources Corp Bhd (MRCB) in 2014, they only paid RM228 million, which translated the value of DUKE highway as RM760 million at the time.

“That would translate to RM304 million for a 40 per cent stake. So, it is startling to learn EPF is paying RM1.13 billion for 40 per cent now,” Sim said in a statement today, demanding an explanation from EPF on the purchase. (more…)

Were Sidek, Ratu Naga’s rights violated?

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Were the rights of former journalist Sidek Kamiso and Ratu Naga or Syarul Ema Rena Abu Samah disregarded when they were taken into police custody?

According to Section 23 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the police can make an arrest without warrant. It should be an arrest over a seizable offence. However, the line between a seizable office and non-seizable offence has been blurred.

For seizable offences, such as murder, robbery or theft, a police officer can arrest the suspect with or without warrant or order from the Public Prosecutor in the course of his investigation.

On the other hand, a “non-seizable offence” is an offence where police officers are only allowed to make an arrest with a warrant, according to the third column of the First Schedule to the CPC. (more…)

Polls in March? That’s PM’s prerogative, says Salleh

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Responding to a recent Bloomberg report that speculated that Najib may call for elections as early as next March, Salleh merely said that was Najib’s “prerogative”.

“In our system of democracy, it is the PM’s prerogative to dissolve Parliament.

“Our purpose of forming a government is not just to call for elections, it is to serve the people,” Salleh said.

He said the government still has much on its agenda to deal with before any thought is given to calling for elections.

“We’re waiting for our budget for 2017; the PM also has to address various issues with the people. When the time comes for the elections, we will be ready. (more…)

De Niro: Son sold US$55m NY properties to Jho Low

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robertHollywood A-lister, Robert De Niro said he is aware that his son had been involved in the sale of two New York properties worth a total of US$55 million (RM227 million) to Low Taek Jho.

According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), he acknowledged that his son Raphael was the agent who facilitated the deal for the controversial Malaysian businessman linked to the 1MDB scandal.

The Goodfellas actor said he was aware of the scandal involving the alleged embezzlement of funds from the state-owned investment firm, but denied having any links to it.

“I don’t care whether my name is associated with it. I didn’t do anything,” De Niro was quoted as saying by THR. (more…)

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