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November 11, 2014

Tired and embarrassed?

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I had to laugh the other day when I read that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had complained in a speech at the Selangor Umno convention that he feels “tired” and “embarrassed” whenever Barisan Nasional is referred to as the opposition in Selangor state.

Because however bad Najib might imagine he feels to have failed to regain Selangor despite a 13th general election that was as dirty, unfair and corrupt as he and his tame electoral commission could make it, he couldn’t be anywhere near as tired and embarrassed as most Malaysians are to be still saddled with him and his cronies as ‘leaders’ or rather bleeders of their beloved country.

In fact, as Najib himself admitted in this stupid speech, more Malaysians than ever are “more educated as well as critical-minded, with some believing that they do not need to depend on the government to survive”.

Of course there are still plenty who do believe that they are dependent on the government for their survival. Many members of the allegedly hopelessly-corrupt so-called ‘Royal’ Malaysian Police force, for example, most of whom apparently enjoy immunity from prosecution as long as they’re prepared to serve as protectors of the criminal regime.

Then there is that major proportion of the bloated civil services, including a great many of the 50,000 who have been put to “work’ in the prime minister’s own department, who are paid for the express purposes of keeping unemployment numbers down and providing BN with a ‘bank’ of compliant voters.

Next come the managements and staff members of the so-called ‘government-linked’ corporations and countless crony companies that depend on government monopolies, untendered contracts, bailouts and non-repayable loans for their survival.

And let’s not forget the hordes of otherwise-unemployables in the government-sponsored ‘religious’ departments and religio-racist pressure groups like Isma, Perkasa and their ilk posing as non-government organisations (NGOs).

And last but by no means least, in fact possibly the most crucially tiring and embarrassing for Malaysians with some respect for honesty, integrity and transparency, there are those thousands of fake ‘journalists’ and others who happily survive by betraying their families, friends and fellow citizens by managing and staffing the regime’s ruthlessly truthless and toothless ‘news’ media.

The majority of Malaysians who, as Najib rightly fears, are becoming “more educated” and “critical minded” are not just tired of all this parasitism, but increasingly embarrassed and indeed enraged by the fact that they are paying for it.

Not government’s money, but the people’s

Because all of the largesse that the BN regime showers on its members, cronies, supporters and dependents is not ‘government’ money at all, but money that properly belongs to the Malaysian people at large.

And the sight of its being squandered by a bunch of self-serving BN thieves on enriching themselves and their cronies and buying sufficient support to keep themselves in positions of power and plunder is tiring and embarrassing in the extreme.

As is being not only betrayed at every turn, but constantly lied to by the traitors themselves, as in Najib’s blog post on the recent occasion of Deepavali.

“Malaysians will continue to enjoy harmony and prosperity if they remain united,” he claimed, thus flying in the face of the fact that his regime has recently been striving even more mightily than ever to foment racial and religious discord by inventing threats against Islam in order to pose as defender of the faith.

He wasn’t too tired or embarrassed to keep the lies coming, however, as he went on to proclaim the perennial BN-regime falsehood that the concept of “unity in diversity” that had been inculcated in Malaysians “could not be found anywhere else in the world, hence making Malaysia a very special country”.

He then went on to list all the ‘initiatives’ at which he claimed that his regime is planning to throw more government or in other words public money, as if the Indian community is as obsessed as he is by nothing but money, money, money.

Which some of them, notably members and supporters of MIC, an Umno accomplice in the BN coalition or rather criminal conspiracy, may very well be.

But honest, upstanding, intelligent citizens of Indian descent are as tired of and embarrassed by being taken for nothing but money-mad morons as their fellow Malaysians of Malay, Chinese, Orang Asli and other ethnicities are.

And rendered even more tired and embarrassed by having to tolerate being lectured like so many school-children by a prime minister who is as profligate with his lies as he is with public money.

And not just ordinary, everyday lies, but perjuries as in his swearing a false oath of office to serve the welfare of all Malaysians equally, and to faithfully uphold the laws and constitution that he and his BN accomplices so routinely and systematically transgress.

As in the process of repeatedly bringing false and scurrilous prosecutions against Anwar Ibrahim, persecuting critics and opponents with unconstitutional laws like the Sedition, Printing, Presses and Publications and Universities and Colleges Acts, and colluding with the Attorney-General’s Department to have their own crimes forgiven.

By no means forgotten

Forgiven, but by no means forgotten, however, as so many of us will never tire of embarrassing these criminals by recalling.

The murder eight years ago of Altantuya Shaariibuu, the Mongolian translator implicated in the Scorpene submarines scandal while Najib was defence minister will, thanks to the tireless efforts of Antares,John Berthelsen and countless others, keep haunting the BN regime until the culprits and their accomplices in and accessories to the crime are finally tried, convicted and made to serve their sentences.

So, too, will the killing of innocent witness Teoh Beng Hock and others in Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) custody, and the hundreds of homicides by the police in fake ‘shoot-outs’ and custodial ‘illnesses’ and ‘accidents’.

In short, however tired and embarrassed Najib and his henchmen and women may come to feel as they gradually but inevitably lose their greedy, grasping grip on power, the rest of us will never get tired of fighting to rid Malaysia of this deeply embarrassing and utterly shameless regime.




  1. Not TIRed not EMBARRASSED but LAZY as what Tun Mahathir comment the malays…..

    Comment by dust2dust — November 11, 2014 @ 2:29 PM | Reply

    • I am ashamed to hear that my community is lazy, but this is true because they like to be spoonfed.

      Comment by aznil — November 12, 2014 @ 10:11 AM | Reply

    • Maybe these people are embarrassed when they work hard and lazy to be tired?…

      Comment by brian — November 12, 2014 @ 10:28 AM | Reply

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