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September 6, 2015

Ex-IGP’s son pours scorn on Khalid for bowing to politicians

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His father, Abdul Rahman Hashim, was the inspector-general of police from Feb 1, 1973 until his assassination on June 7, 1974.

“My father made the supreme sacrifice for the police force by taking seven bullets.

“I can’t see any other IGP who will do that. Can you?

“Which is why when leadership of the police is concerned, I use my father as the benchmark,” Najib Abdul Rahman, 68, told Malaysiakini.

He was explaining his Facebook posting last night, which was critical of current police chief Khalid Abu Bakar.

In the posting, Najib recalled how a group of eminent politicians huddled in the lobby of the residence of former deputy prime minister Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman, soon after his death, and speculated on who would take Ismail’s place.

“The man had died hardly two hours earlier and already the vultures were circling, in his house.

“Insensate at such an insensitive act, my dad walked up to the group and shaking his finger, warned the group, ‘Anymore talk about succession and I will arrest all of you!’ I was there,” he said.

Najib said he cannot see Khalid having the same courage.

“You just don’t have the esteem and the conscience to do that. Maybe you have, but haven’t displayed it.

“I can speak very proudly of my father on how he stood up to politicians. Would your children and family speak the same of you when you are gone? It’s all up to you,” he added.

Putrajaya riding roughshod over cops

Quizzed further on the posting, Najib told Malaysiakini that it is about wearing the badge with honour and dignity.

“Khalid has forsaken it all,” he claimed.

“The people haven’t lost confidence in the police per se. It’s a leadership issue. Like the Malays want Umno to be strong for GE14, but want Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak out,” he said.

Najib said he mentioned his late father because his father had the moral constitution.

“Khalid does not seem to have that. If he has, he would not have allowed Putrajaya to ride roughshod over his men. So, in a manner of speaking, Khalid has let the force down.

“With Khalid, it’s also a bread and butter issue. The home minister after recommendation by the police board, appoints the IGP and it is endorsed by the PM.

“If he doesn’t kow tow to those two persons, he loses his job,” Najib added. — Norman Goh

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