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April 18, 2014

Bible Society jumps from frying pan into the fire?

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Hazlan Zakaria

When the Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM) announced its move from Selangor to Kuala Lumpur, some saw it as political theatrics. Others deemed it a desperate act of desperate men, but perhaps it was jumping from the hot frying pan into the burning fire.

The society believes that the federal government may or can provide better protection to religious minorities, but it may have moved under a false sense of security.

Looking at it from another perspective, perhaps not all the hue and cry lamenting the organisation’s “self-exile” is for BSM but is by those seeking to profit from its woes. (more…)

Education Ministry urged to monitor funds

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FMT StaffSabah student

Abuse of the Supplementary Food Programme fund has left school children hungry and parents complaining.

The Education Ministry is urged to monitor the funds channelled to schools for the Supplementary Food Programme.

PKR national women vice-president Voon Shiak Ni said she had received complaints from parents of students from several schools in Padawan and Bau stating that the food portions served was not enough.

“Parents said the food portions were too small and their children got hungry faster instead of being better taken care of by the programme. (more…)

Muslims not encouraged to use ‘RIP’, says National Fatwa Council

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Mourners paying respect to the late Karpal Singh at his house in Jalan Utama, Penang, today. The National Fatwa Council says Muslims should not use the phrase ‘Rest in Peace’ (RIP) to a non-Muslim because the term had Christian connotations. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Hasnoor Hussain, April 17, 2014.MOHD FARHAN DARWIS

Mourners paying respect to the late Karpal Singh at his house in Jalan Utama, Penang, today. The National Fatwa Council says Muslims should not use the phrase ‘Rest in Peace’ (RIP) to a non-Muslim because the term had Christian connotations.

Following the death of Karpal Singh and the outpouring of grief, Muslims were reminded by the National Fatwa Council today that they were not encouraged to use the phrase “Rest in Peace” (RIP) to a non-Muslim because the term had Christian connotations.

In a statement issued on its website, www.e-fatwa.gov.my, the National Fatwa Council said Muslims could express their condolences to non-Muslim families. (more…)

Karpal lived, and died, for Malaysia

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The Tiger of Jelutong will roar no more as a sombre silence falls upon Malaysia at the death of a loved son.

News of the sudden tragic death of veteran DAP leader, parliamentarian and litigation lawyer Karpal Singh has sent shockwaves across the country and fans of the affable Karpal around the world into a state of mourning.

His admirers are found everywhere, those who respected and loved this rare individual and irreplaceable man, the true ‘people’s politician’ and a lawyer for those with lost hope and a last resort for justice, who defended the underdogs and victims of injustice.

They all, friends and strangers alike, will be in silent grief and like I feel, a sense of  loss and grieve with Karpal’s family. (more…)

A fighter and a gentleman

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Karpal Singh was as fierce as a tiger when taking on his opponents in the legal and political arena but the private person in him was soft-spoken, courteous and a true gentleman.

ON Wednesday afternoon, Karpal Singh had called to say he was leaving for Penang that night and that he would only be coming back on Tuesday.

“You can come by this evening, if you like,” he said.

I phoned Mr Karpal, as all of us call him, a few days ago to say I would like to interview him about the Kelantan government’s plan to introduce hudud law, an issue which the DAP leader had been uncompromising about throughout his political career. (more…)

April 17, 2014

Enough of politics and start leading country

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img-mansharesbreadwithneedyshutterstock_171948830617.jpg_item_largeVisnu Natesan

We have lost the plot in the search for a better country.

Our society has become pessimistic without much thoughts or critical thinking. Many disagree for the sake of disagreeing.

Many argue for the sake of arguing. Many oppose for the sake of opposing. We are accumulating madness without intellect.

We are accumulating hatred instead of empathy. Negativity has taken the figurative role and as days pass by nothing much could be done. Day by day, we are becoming what most civilization fear off, backward-thinking society. (more…)

Seremban church says council directive to use Malay banners, not about propagating faith

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The banner that a Muslim non-governmental organisation found so offensive in Seremban. – Pic courtesy of Isma, April 16, 2014. JENNIFER GOMEZ

The banner that a Muslim non-governmental organisation found so offensive in Seremban.

A Pentecostal church in Seremban said it was following the law to put banners in Bahasa Malaysia to promote an Easter musical, a language that a Muslim rights group believed should not be used by non-Muslims in Malaysia.

Agape Community Church assistant pastor Tan Szet Anne said their promotional material for the annual Easter musical was in Bahasa Malaysia because of a directive by the Seremban city council that banners and posters must be in the national language.

“We have been organising this musical to commemorate Easter with a musical every two years for the past 20 years and there was never an issue. (more…)

Media a problem in democracy? 

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The decline of newspapers is a problem for democracy and for an informed public.Ignatius Haryanto

Maybe in the next five to 10 years many local and foreign observers will look at Indonesia’s 2014 elections as one of the most celebrated tales in the country’s media history.

Both conventional and social media hosted much discussion and criticism, as political parties used the media for their campaign platforms as well as using social media for campaigning.

Among the contestants of the 2014 general elections, three figures are media owners who also lead political parties: presidential candidates Surya Paloh of the NasDem Party and Aburizal Bakrie of the Golkar Party and vice presidential hopeful Hary Tanoesoedibjo of the Hanura Party. (more…)

Two mysteries in one – MH370 and Scorpene submarines

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Ng Kee Seng

The Umno-led Barisan Nasional (BN) government doesn’t seem to learn. As long as there is a chance to splash out on multi-billion-ringgit projects, nothing else matters.

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein must be propagating this line of thinking when he said “there is a need to upgrade the country’s defence system to strengthen its security in the future”.

Coming on the heels of the controversial breach of air space by MH370 in which the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) detected but failed to act, is Hishammuddin admitting that the country’s defence is inadequate?

Is any Malaysian surprised if that is so? (more…)

When Civil Court and Syariah Court collides

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68ce2-courtJimmy Puah

It is a cardinal rule of law, that all laws enacted should be clear and unambiguous in terms. The reasoning for this is that everyone should know their legal rights and when not to step out of the legal boundary.

It is for this reason that especially in criminal law, great effort is made to scrutinise every wording of an Act.

The recent custodial dispute involving S. Deepa and Izwan Abdullah has brought this issue to the forefront.

The significance of this case not only highlights the need for certainty in law but it also examines the legal quandary involving rights of Muslims and non-Muslims when their legal rights cross path. (more…)

The IGP must resign

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Maybe I am confused, but is this not the inspector-general of police (IGP); our chief criminal law officer of the federation speaking about lack of authority to resolve the issue of the kidnap of his son by a Muslim convert? Is not our IGP also the chief police officer for execution of civil and criminal law in this country? Since when did Malay-state-enacted syariah law and all related enactments come under the executionary jurisdiction of the police?

I am very serious, and can anyone help with an answer, including the Bar Council or any professor of the constitution.
In similar reverse of this logic, then, is the Agong (our king), also then the chief religious matters officer of the Federation of Malaysia? Where does it say this in the federal constitution about either such jurisdictional oversight or moral responsibility  or authority? Maybe I am simply too confused but below is my converse argument for my questions. (more…)

‘We do not instigate natives’

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peter-kallang-Baram-DamWinston Way

Save Rivers Sarawak said they only provide Baram blockaders with legal advice and connections with lawyers, NGOs and other protesting communities.

An NGO here has denied accusations that they are instigating Baram natives into prolonging blockades which they began last year in a bid to stop preparatory works on the proposed Baram hydroelectric dam in the Miri Division.

“What do they mean we are instigating these people? We do not instigate anyone. If some people encroach into their (the natives’) lands, then those should be illegal acts. (more…)

April 16, 2014

The meltdown of Malaysian institutions

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There was a time Malaysia's civil service was the envy of many, playing an important role in the country's rapid industrialisation. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, April 15, 2014.THE MALAYSIAN INSIDER

There was a time Malaysia’s civil service was the envy of many, playing an important role in the country’s rapid industrialisation.

There was a time when Malaysia was known for its institutions – a civil service that facilitated rapid development from an agrarian economy to an industrialised one, a judiciary that was held in high esteem of the Commonwealth, and a military that defeated a communist insurgency.

Today, more than 50 years as a nation spanning from Perlis to Sabah, we see ineptitude and incompetency, a complete meltdown of Malaysian institutions. (more…)

Leadership in schools is critical to transformation

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educationCfBT Education Malaysia

Not-for-Profit education consultancy CfBT Education Malaysia is publishing a series of ground-breaking reviews to commemorate its 35th Anniversary year. This month’s report focuses on the critical role of school leaders in establishing outstanding schools. It was produced in partnership with Oxford University and the University of Nottingham.

The evidence examined by the CfBT Education Malaysia review indicates that strong school leadership is important to school transformation but that on its own it is not sufficient.  However, school leaders are uniquely well positioned to ensure the necessary synergy between different variables, to produce a quantum leap in the quality of learning and teaching. It is in this context, as the binding agent, that school leaders add most value. (more…)

A-G report shows M’sia ‘bleeding itself to death’

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auditor generalFMT Staff

Public fund wastage and the lack of political will must be corrected in order to move the fight against corruption.

The repeated wastage of public funds and the lack of political will to make the corrections will slowly lead the nation to its demise, the Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4) cautioned in a statement today.

“The Auditor-General’s report (2013) fundamentally demonstrates how this nation is bleeding itself to death. (more…)

Use legislation to resolve overlapping jurisdictions between Syariah and civil courts

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Alyaa Alhadjri

The ongoing custody battle between Muslim convert Izwan Abdullah and his ex-wife S Deepa has highlighted the need to harmonise laws to prevent conflict of jurisdictions between the Syariah and civil courts.

The case of Izwan, formerly known as N Viran, and Deepa has turned ugly with his alleged abduction of their six-year-old son Mithran after the Seremban High Court on April 7 granted her custody of Mithran and daughter Sharmila, 9.

The Negeri Sembilan Syariah Court had last Sept 19 granted Izwan custody of the two children. (more…)

Retaining home-grown talents as important as bringing them back

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Sonia Ramachandran

A World Bank report in 2011 revealed that Malaysia was experiencing a huge brain drain to other countries, with almost a million of the country’s professional workforce reported to be working overseas.

Following the report, Putrajaya set up TalentCorp and introduced programmes to lure Malaysian talents back from overseas, including granting them incentives such as tax exemptions on cars they bring back to Malaysia under the Return Expertise Programme (REP).

However, questions have since been raised about the effectiveness of the REP and whether it would make more sense to institute measures to encourage talented people to stay put in the country. (more…)

Now Muslim NGO wants to ban the use of BM for any church event

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Sonia Ramachandran

The protracted “Allah” controversy has now been extended to the rights of Malaysians to use Bahasa Malaysia.

It looks like the religious fanatics are now questioning Malaysians’ right to use the national language, especially for church activities.

In that case, why demand the use of Bahasa Malaysia in business signboards of non-Muslims or non-Malays?

Is the use of Bahasa Malaysia to be allowed discriminately to please these so-called protectors of Islam? (more…)

In aftermath of Jais raid, Bible society moves to KL seeking better protection

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The Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM) will move its operations out of Selangor to Kuala Lumpur, a federal territory, following the raid by the state’s Islamic Religious Department (Jais) on January 2, 2014.

BSM president Lee Min Choon (pic) said today that move is needed as Putrajaya offers better protection to religious minorities. He also said that Putrajaya upheld the Cabinet’s 10-point solution to the Allah row by not disrupting the distribution of its Bible shipments.

Last January’s raid saw the seizure of some 300 Bahasa Malaysia and Iban-language Bibles from its premises in Damansara, Selangor. (more…)

Don’t compel children to learn English

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File picture shows the silhouette of a student with a graduation cap during a diploma ceremony at the John F. Kennedy School of GovernmentMedecci Lineil

I must admit I am also bothered when Sarawak Teachers Union (STU) and Sarawak Sovereignty Movement (SSM) called for the reinstatement of English as the medium in schools in Sarawak.

Not only that, SSM also called the state government to pass a resolution at the next state assembly sitting to make the use of the English language as compulsory.

If this is the case, then it is an offence if children refuse to speak English in schools. Who knows in future these groups want the government to mandate English must be spoken in every household in Sarawak and to punish those who do otherwise? (more…)

Bible Society to dodge Jais with move to KL

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The Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM) is to move its base to Kuala Lumpur to avoid the reach of the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais).On Jan 2, Jais seized 320 copies of the Malay and Iban language Bible from its premises in Petaling Jaya, but these have yet to be returned.

BSM, which has maintained that the Bible was only for distribution to non-Muslims, said in a statement today that it hopes the move will end the harassment from Jais.

“Apart from the change of our base, it will be business as usual for BSM. However, we will no longer be importing the Bible through Port Klang, but will ship (the) BM Bible directly to (Sabah and Sarawak) where most of the readers are,” BSM president Lee Min Choon (leftt) said. (more…)

April 15, 2014

Now, Muslim group complains of Malay language in Easter pageant

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Today’s allegation also appears to be a broadening of the Muslim claims of proselytisation against its followers that was so far premised on the Christian use of specific Arabic words and phrases. — file picture The Malay Mail

Today’s allegation also appears to be a broadening of the Muslim claims of proselytisation against its followers that was so far premised on the Christian use of specific Arabic words and phrases.

Islamist group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) today accused a Seremban church of seeking to proselytise to non-Christians by using Bahasa Malaysia for an Easter pageant.

Claiming that the national language was not commonly used by the Chinese and Indians the group asserted were the main races who practise Christianity, it said the decision to use Bahasa Malaysia was suspicious. (more…)

A radical revamp of our education system

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education21-e1368490842654Idris Jala

The Education Blueprint is comprehensive but implementation is key

I WAS probably luckier than most kids who grew up in rural Malaysia. My father was both my teacher and the village school headmaster, which meant learning was not just confined to school. Classes continued at home too.

He instilled in me a strong learning discipline and impressed upon us the importance of education. Without a doubt I believe it was education that lifted the lives of many of my classmates out of poverty in remote Bario. Education has the capacity to profoundly impact lives. This is why I continue to advocate its importance and believe that a nation must allocate as much resources as possible to this area. (more…)

Can Sabah and S’wak secede?

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Vidal Yudin Weil

This article is intended for those who think Malaysia or rather Malaya owns Sabah and Sarawak.

Once again I am writing about Abdul Rahman Dahlan, the Kota Belud MP who was reported on Feb 17, 2014 in the mainstream media to have cited the 20-Points and said the following:

(1) It is seditious and treasonous to suggest that both Sabah and Sarawak secede from the Federation of Malaysia;

(2) Sabah and Sarawak cannot secede from Malaysia;

(3) Secession is not a solution to the woes of Sabah and Sarawak. (more…)

Uncommon Sense with Wong Chin Huat: The real purpose of Sarawak and Sabah’s immigration controls

PKRSabah-SarawakWong Chin Huat 

TNG: What is the original intention of the Malaysia Agreements to give Sarawak and Sabah autonomy over their immigration and to determine who can or cannot enter these states?RECENTLY, just before the Balingian by-election, four Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) national leaders were denied entry into Sarawak. In the past, other opposition politicians and civil society activists have also been denied entry into the state in the run-up to elections. Dr Wong Chin Huat, who is among those banned from entering Sarawak, tells The Nut Graph the original purpose behind giving Sabah and Sarawak autonomy over their immigration controls, how this power is being abused, and whether it’s feasible to maintain such laws.

This power for Sabah and Sarawak is provided for under Section 66 of the Immigration Act. The onus is on a person to prove his or her right to enter the states. If you do not belong to either state, or are not a member of the federal or state government, a judge of the superior courts, or a federal or state civil servant, then your right to entry depends on whether you are given a pass by the state government. (more…)

Parliament must act on overlapping jurisdiction

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Tan Keng Liang

I refer to the recent controversy involving the case of S. Deepa who was granted custody of her two children by the Seremban High Court last Tuesday.

The Shariah Court had earlier given custody of the children to her former husband, Izwan Abdullah.

Subsequently, her former husband took one of their children despite the recent custodial order by the High Court.

On the matter, the Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said police were unable to act on the matter because of the conflicting decision by the High Court and the Shariah Court. (more…)

Divert military spending to human development

Kua Kia Soong

Today, April 14 marks the Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS), an initiative coordinated by the International Peace Bureau in Geneva.

On this day, more than a hundred organisations across the globe focus their attention on raising awareness about the waste of precious resources on military spending. This date is chosen because it coincides with the release of the annual report for 2013 by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri).

These latest statistics by Sipri for 2013 show that military spending continues to fall in the West but rises everywhere else. World military expenditure totalled US$1.75 trillion in 2013, a fall of 1.9% in real terms since 2012. The fall in the global total comes from decreases in Western countries, led by the United States, while military spending in the rest of the world excluding the USA increased by 1.8%. (more…)

The seductiveness of Ketuanan Melayu


It is not only the non-Malays who are part of the brain drain. Despite the affirmative action policies, Malays are increasingly reluctant to return to Malaysia.

Johan Merican (left), the CEO of TalentCorp is wasting his time being part of Najib Abdul Razak’s masterplan to attract Malaysians home. The Cambridge graduate is wasting his talent by being aligned with Najib and Umno Baru. Can he not see and feel that he is sinking in quicksand? If he does not get out of there soon, he will be engulfed.

Last week, Johan expressed frustration that despite the various incentives, including tax exemptions on the cars that the applicants import into Malaysia, only 2,500 of the 1,000,000 overseas Malaysians have returned home. (more…)

In the name of God, go

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As you may or may not recall, in my column last week I made the blindingly obvious point that Malaysia’s perennially crooked, incompetent and thus altogether pathetic apology for a government should get real or get out.

But I also realistically conceded that the Barisan Nasional gangster-regime will never so much as consider getting real, let alone getting out, as long as there is anything left for it and its cronies to steal.

A dismal truth that has been even more pressingly and depressingly evident in the week since, due to fresh revelations of BN’s stealing on regardless, as in robbing the rakyat blind as ever, and no sign whatever that it has any intention of stealing away as in getting lost. (more…)

Motion to review Malaysia Agreement submitted

Dukau Papau

Sabah’s maverick opposition assemblyman Jeffrey Kitingan will submit a Private Member’s Bill and three motions at the forthcoming sitting of the State Assembly beginning from April 14, 2014.

The Private Member’s Bill is the proposed Constitution of Sabah (Amendment) Bill 2014 which proposes an amendment to restore the position of the Head of State of Sabah, Yang Dipertua Negeri back to its original Yang Dipertua Negara.

The first motion is on Petroleum Development Act 1974, of which the second part deals with the authority of the then chief minister of Sabah, who signed the Petroleum Agreement with Petronas on June 14, 1976. (more…)

Don’t follow Umno’s racial profiling, Adenan told

Dukau Papau

Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem should cease and desist from his inclination towards the racial profiling practised by the Umno-dominated BN in Peninsular Malaysia, says state PKR vice-chairperson See Chee How.

“Sarawakians, no matter their race or ethnicity, should live as one. We must make the most of our potentials in our diverse society and contribute towards the greatness of this beautiful state.

“To be a Sarawakian, and even more so as a leader, we should reject racial profiling in politics,” said See (left), who is the Batu Lintang assemblyperson. (more…)

April 10, 2014

Hudud and the basic structure doctrine in constitutional law

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Art Harun

Not many people know about this piece of history of our country.

Allow me to recount this so that this passage of our history would not just fade away from the recesses of our memory.

The Malaysia Agreement was signed on July 9, 1963 between the Federation of Malaya, the United Kingdom, Sarawak, North Borneo and Singapore. Under this agreement, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak would federate with the existing 11 states of the Federation of Malaya to form Malaysia with effect from September 16, 1963.

That is common knowledge. (more…)

Is the Umno-led BN government really weak?

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Ng Kee Seng

A survey that found the Umno-led Barisan Nasional (BN) weak in handling the economy after the 13th general election (GE13) is both an understatement and inadequate.

The survey, commissioned by news portal Malaysian Insider (MI), shows that more than half the 1,005 respondents polled described BN’s performance after GE13 as “very weak” and 45 per cent felt Umno fared just as poorly.

The survey is an understatement because the ruling BN is still as powerful as ever. It can do whatever it wants with impunity. (more…)

A-G: Defence Ministry wasted medical equipment

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Alyaa Azhar

The Auditor-General’s report notes that a large quantity of disposable medical supplies at the Tuanku Mizan military hospital had expired.

The 2013 Auditor-General’s report revealed that there was wastage in medical equipment purchased by the Defence Ministry for the Armed Forces personnel use.

“Procurement through direct purchase was not satisfactory due to the non-compliance with procedures and regulations in force,” the report stated.

“Some purchased equipment were not used optimally and some are still not used yet.” (more…)

Wan Junaidi: Why should I apologise or resign?

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wan-junaidiFMT Staff

The Deputy Home Minister stood by his statement adding that his remark was taken out of context.

Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Tunku Jaafar who’s been on the receiving end of verbal lashings for his callous remark following the kidnapping of two foreign nationals from Singamata Reef Resort in Semporna has defended his  statement.

“Why should I apologise or resign? They do not know the context of my statement,” he said in defense to calls from the opposition and BN MPs in Sabah for him to resign or apologise.

Wan Junaidi had reported said the all island resorts off Sabah should cease operations because the police and military could not assure customers’ safety. (more…)

Uninformed incompetence

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How is it an entire world, with about 26 countries, all super-technologies and brightest brains deployed, cannot find a Boeing 777 flight that went off-course? How is it also that having deployed three teams of accounting experts, and all due processes being followed religiously, a registrar of societies member cannot find nor explain the loss of about RM800,000 from their annual accounts?

How is it then a ministry which claims to have all due processes publicly recorded, with a fancy website and customer enquiry formats, cannot keep a basic promise of service delivery made on their website? What really is the problem in all these cases?

Limited problem-analysis (more…)

A depressing Auditor General’s Report 2013

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Ramon Navaratnam

Given the national sadness over the fate of MH370, the first series of the forthright Auditor General’s Report 2013 is a welcome, yet a depressing one too.

The Auditor General`s Report also causes us additional concern and anxiety over the poor standards of governance in our burdened conscience and country!

Nevertheless the new auditor’s reporting system and its innovative dashboard (report card), are fully appreciated, as it is the first time it is presented to Parliament in three separate parts, three times a year. (more…)

April 9, 2014

Make English compulsory, Adenan

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adenan satem murid sekolahWinston Way

A Sarawak Sovereignty Movement spokesperson said the state should no longer cower to a national education policy that aims to ‘Malaynise’ Sarawak.

A Sarawak NGO wants Chief Minister Adenan Satem to pass a resolution at the next State Legislative Assembly sitting making the use of English language in schools obligatory.

Sarawak Sovereignty Movement (SSM) spokesperson, Morshidi Abdul Rahman said it is the only way to stall the further decline of the language among children in Sarawak and Sabah. (more…)

A Saif-Nurul-Rafizi combo is unwise

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The formal announcement today that incumbent secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution, vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar, and director of strategy Rafizi Ramli are banding together to contest in the PKR polls sends out the wrong signal to the party’s half-a-million members.

Of these 50 percent are Malays, 25 percent are Indian Malaysians, and the remainder are almost equally divided between Chinese Malaysians and the ethnicities of Sabah and Sarawak.

The Saifuddin-Nurul-Rafizi combo for the PKR polls scheduled for late April-early May is unwise because of the impression it helps reinforce that PKR is a Malay-dominant party, whereas its composition suggests it is multi-racial and its goal of a more egalitarian polity is reliant for its realisation on the country shedding its obsession with race. (more…)

Sarawak for Sarawakian kleptocrats

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Ketua Menteri Sarawak, Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud bersama Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak dalam majlis Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) di Kuching, tahun lalu. Gambar fail.

Brewin Edward Emprang

By history, the states of Sabah and Sarawak are enjoying many privileges. Restricting people from entering the states for no sensible reason is one of them.

However, there are those who still think that Sarawak should leave the Federation as the state is allegedly being treated less equal than other states in the Peninsula.

If so, with all due respect, the question is, is secession necessary in that regard? The onus is on those people to explain that there is a need for Sarawak to secede willy-nilly from the federation. (more…)

High Court overrides Syariah Court, orders custody of Muslim children to their Hindu mother

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The High Court in Seremban today ordered that custody of two children who were converted to Islam be given to their Hindu mother.

Judge Datuk Zabariah Mohd allowed the custody application by S. Deepa in chambers.

Zabariah also allowed Deepa’s application to dissolve her civil marriage as the husband Izwan Abdullah had converted to Islam.

The High Court decision overrides a Syariah Court order early last year that granted custody of the children to Izwan who became a Muslim in April last year. (more…)

BN, Umno weak in handling the economy after GE13, survey shows

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Barisan Nasional had a grand launching of its manifesto for the May 5 general election last year, but a new survey shows most Malaysians think it has failed to keep its election pledges. – The Malaysian Insider pic, April 9, 2014.LEE SHI-IAN

Barisan Nasional had a grand launching of its manifesto for the May 5 general election last year, but a new survey shows most Malaysians think it has failed to keep its election pledges.

Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) have been floundering since the general election last May, with a new survey showing that more Malaysians are describing their performance as “very weak” especially in handling the national economy.

More than half 1,005 respondents polled in a survey commissioned  by The Malaysian Insider described BN’s performance since the 13th general election as “very weak” while 45% felt its lynchpin party Umno fared as poorly. (more…)

An open letter to all SPM school-leavers

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Nadilla Jamil

I want to believe that I am in the position to write you this letter. I was almost bombed (metaphor intended) by my Tok Busu as I went to a few public and boarding schools.

Then, after SPM, I first registered at Kedah Matriculation College in Changlun but I ended up graduating from UiTM Kuantan in 2008.

I was an undergraduate at UPM Serdang for a month, a TESL undergraduate at UiTM Shah Alam for a year before realising what I really wanted to be in the next 30 years (God willing, if I could live that long).

So I quit UiTM and I completed my bachelor’s degree at IIUM after two-and-a-half years. (more…)

Sarawak teachers,parents want English-based system

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Pelajar SekolahWinston Way

Sarawak Teachers Union says performance by Malaysian students in universities have declined since the system changed to the Malay language.

Sarawak Teachers Union (STU) has also called for the re-instatement of English as a medium in schools in the state.

STU president Jisid Nyud said the previous English education system applied in Sarawak was more successful than the current Malay-based national education policy.

Nyud was commenting on calls by a Sarawak NGO for Chief Minister Adenan Satem to pass a resolution in the Sarawak Legislative Assembly to make the English language obligatory in the schools in the state. (more…)

April 8, 2014

Petronas not ‘legal owner’ of Sabah, Sarawak waters

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Zainal Ajamain

It is unconstitutional to use Act 750, as it was passed and gazetted two months after the legal requirement had lapsed.

The Emergency Proclamation which was lifted on Nov 23, 2011 and the legal requirement for six months lapsed on May 24, 2012.

By May, 2014, twenty-four months would have lapsed.

A full two years of non-activity on the part of the state government of Sabah and Sarawak is appalling.

As at May 24, 2012 Petronas is no longer the “legal owner” of the Sabah and Sarawak territorial waters. (more…)

Selangor MCA breaks ranks with Barisan, says against Bible confiscation

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On January 2, a team of Jais officers and two policemen went to the Bible Society of Malaysia’s office in Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya, and carted away more than 300 copies of the Alkitab and Bup Kudus. Selangor has informed BSM that it should write to the attorney general for the return of the Bibles. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, April 8, 2014.DIYANA IBRAHIM

On January 2, a team of Jais officers and two policemen went to the Bible Society of Malaysia’s office in Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya, and carted away more than 300 copies of the Alkitab and Bup Kudus. Selangor has informed BSM that it should write to the attorney general for the return of the Bibles.

On January 2, a team of Jais officers and two policemen went to the Bible Society of Malaysia’s office in Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya, and carted away more than 300 copies of the Alkitab and Bup Kudus. Selangor has informed BSM that it should write to the attorney general for the return of the Bibles.

Selangor MCA has reiterated its opposition to the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) seizing Bibles in the state, expressing shock that the state Barisan Nasional (BN) yesterday announced its support for the seizure of the Alkitab and Bup Kudus. (more…)

Rote learning isn’t necessarily a bad thing

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empty classroomArran Hamilton

Thinking skills is always a good thing but be mindful of the danger that it can completely crowd out factual learning.

Rote learning gets a lot of attention in Malaysia from the media, employers, parents and the Education Ministry.

Most of this is negative and it hones in on examples of students in government schools dutifully transcribing text from blackboards, like human photocopiers.
There is also quite a bit of empirical data that suggests that practice is fairly widespread in the nation’s schools.

A recent Unesco survey found that 60% of Malaysian students claimed to have teachers that stressed rote learning and 40% indicated that the predominant teaching style was to copy text from the board. (more…)

Students decry UM’s bar on lecture by Ambiga

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Aidila Razak

Students from Malaysia’s oldest university today submitted a memorandum to parliamentarians over what they believe to be academic interference in Universiti Malaya (UM).

This followed UM’s refusal to allow veteran lawyer Ambiga Sreenevasan to speak at the Law Faculty’s Law Career Convention.

Ambiga, a former Bar Council president, was to speak on public interest litigation.

UM allegedly allowed the Law Society to invite Ambiga if a “pro-government” speaker was also invited but retracted this approval at the last minute on Mar 27. (more…)

‘Wake-up slumbering MPs, state A-Gs’

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Zainnal Ajamain

If there are no discussions, it is probably because the respective governments are already in the process of making secret deals with the elite in Malaya over oil rights.

The Malaysia Territorial Sea Act 2012 was tabled and passed in June 2012.

Where were Sabah and Sarawak’s 56 MP from both side of the political divide?

How is it that these MPs from Sabah and Sarawak did not notice when Act 750 was passed?

Were these MPs representing Sabah and Sarawak or were they decorations in parliament? (more…)

Mystery Thickens Over Missing Millions Meant For Schools

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Mystery Thickens Over Missing Millions Meant For Schools

Sarawak report

The company cited as the vehicle for SUPP leader Peter Chin’s pre-election plan to build 15 Sarawak schools has categorically denied any involvement in the project.

The KL based developer See Hoy Chan has told Sarawak Report that it had no knowledge of the RM559million proposal, which was rushed through and approved by the PM and Deputy PM’s offices in the weeks just before the election.

Details revealed in our original expose cited a list of 15 badly needed schools in Sarawak and Peter Chin recommended the consortium One BU Redha Services, comprising the Taib crony company Redha Services and One BU Sdn Bhd to build them. (more…)

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